Damian Lillard To The Lakers: An Impossible Possibility

Damian Lillard To The Lakers: An Impossible Possibility

Last week, images of LeBron James and Damian Lillard together at a basketball game circulated on social media. Those images created a shockwave of rumors that LeBron James has started recruiting Lillard to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

With the Lillard situation in Portland continuing to brew, and with the Lakers needing a legitimate third star alongside James and Anthony Davis, a Damian Lillard-to-Hollywood scenario could happen during the offseason.

There’s one hiccup that could hinder this from happening: The Lakers don’t have enough pieces to trade for Damian Lillard.

An Impossible Possibility

The Lakers can still acquire Damian Lillard from the Portland Trail Blazers via another blockbuster trade but, the possibility of it happening is impossible unless the Lakers will include either James or Davis in the package. Only then the Trail Blazers will listen.

Should the Lakers be willing to break the duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis to get Damian Lillard, the less complex way to get it done is via a one-on-one swap. Believe it or not, the trade will be successful, according to ESPN’s Trade Machine.

A LeBron James-Damian Lillard swap is impossible and yet, possible. It depends on how bad the Lakers want Lillard. So will an Anthony Davis-Damian Lillard trade. Then again, this will run against the Lakers’ desire to get a third star to play alongside their dynamic duo.

The Lakers’ Other Problems

There’s no doubt that the Lakers would go after Lillard should Portland place him onto the trading block. However, the Purple and Gold also have to deal with other problems this offseason.

For one, Montrezl Harrell, Dennis Schroder, and Andre Drummond can enter free agency. Drummond’s situation heading into this offseason is a big question as pundits believe that the Lakers were wrong to acquire him when they already have a backup center in Marc Gasol. Another player of concern for the Lakers is Kyle Kuzma.

Among the players who could leave Hollywood, Kyle Kuzma could be that player as he has been included in numerous trade talks since the Anthony Davis saga began in 2019.

Moves Inevitable

Regardless if it’s in the 2020 offseason or before the next trade deadline, moves are inevitable for Damian Lillard. While the Lakers don’t have the pieces yet to go after Lillard, this is the NBA. One day, Portland will keep Lillard. The next thing you know, he’s packing his bags for Los Angeles.

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