Davante Adams Is Not At OTA’s; Should The Packers Be Concerned?

This week, the Green Bay Packers, as well as the other NFL franchises, began their OTA’s. While some notable players on the Packers’ squad have shown up, many others have not. Among those in attendance are Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon, the team’s top two running backs going into the season. The presence of AJ Dillon has already started a flurry of social media images of his monstrous leg muscles:

Despite the optimism surrounding the players who are in attendance, there is a hanging shadow over camp when it comes to the players who are not there. Of course, the most notable player missing is Aaron Rodgers, whose feud with the Packers’ front office has become very public this offseason. In years past, Rodgers has been a regular participant in OTA’s. This year, he is in Hawaii.

Another notable absentee is star receiver Davante Adams, who was a First-Team All-Pro last season and has made four straight Pro Bowls. This season is the last in Adams’ contract, and many expected an extension to have been done months ago. Unfortunately, it has not. This has led many to wonder if Adams’ absence from OTA’s is related to his lack of a new contract.

Should the Packers and their fans be worried?

What The Players Union Advised

Before exploring any theories as to what team-related reasons there may be for Davante Adams missing OTA’s, it should be noted that the NFL Player’s Union and NFL owners have had strong disagreements this offseason. As a result, the Players’ Union has advised players not to attend any voluntary team activities. It very well could be that Adams is just following the directions of his union.

There are, however, players who show up to collect workout bonuses. Kenny Clark, for example, has shown up for OTA’s because of a very hefty bonus he will receive for his participation.

OTA’s Are Not Mandatory

Another thing to keep in mind is that OTA’s are not mandatory. While Adams is leaving $500,000 on the table by not showing up, there is nothing that says he HAS to be there. Aaron Rodgers, too, is foregoing $500,000 by not showing up. That being said, players who do not show up for OTA’s usually do not have as high of workout bonuses as Adams. By not showing up, Adams stands out as one of the players who is losing the most money by not being there.

Is Aaron Rodgers A Factor?

As mentioned previously, the Aaron Rodgers versus the Packers’ front office saga has become a source of heated debate among fans and analysts ever since the NFL Draft. With Rodgers’ future in Green Bay uncertain, it may also mean that Adams may not be interested in re-signing with the Packers.

Should The Packers Be Worried?

There is so much uncertainty surrounding the Green Bay Packers. While, on paper, their current roster could contend for a win a Super Bowl, it does not look as promising in 2022 and beyond. Key players will remain, such as David Bakhtiari, Kenny Clark, and Aaron Jones.

However, Aaron Rodgers could very well be gone after the season, if he even does play this season. If the team loses Rodgers, they could lose Adams as well. Furthermore, aside from Amari Rodgers, their third-round draft pick, the Packers are zero wide receivers under contract after this season. Zero. None.

If Rodgers leaves and the Packers lose Davante Adams as a result, the team could be looking at a receiving core that has MVS or Allen Lazard as its number one option for Jordan Love, a quarterback that has a ways to go in his development.

So yes, Packers’ fans. We should be worried.