David Culley: “Things Haven’t Changed”; Yes, They Have, Coach!

David Culley: “Things Haven’t Changed”; Yes, They Have, Coach!

As training camps began to open for the NFL, multiple questions were raised about the participation of some star quarterbacks. Specifically, Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. Now, thanks to a 4-12 record, huge miscalculations in new hires, and a lack of input from Deshaun himself, a crossroads has been met between the organization and their star QB. Which, leads us to where we are today; stuck.

Deshaun decides to show up for work

Now, the bright side of this whole mess is the fact that Deshaun Watson actually showed up to camp. That wasn’t always a given due to the current legal situation and desire to be traded. However, when the other Texans players reported to camp, Deshaun was right there with them.

And props to him with how he’s handled this whole situation. Complaints haven’t come to light, players still seem to gravitate to him, and he’s just there to work. Which according to head coach David Culley, has been the plan all along.

Really? Scout team usage ISN’T a distraction?

And that’s where I have my problem with this whole situation. Head coach David Culley and General Manager Nick Caserio have both stated that Watson hasn’t been a distraction and the plan hasn’t changed regarding usage. Maybe they’re right. Maybe he is doing and saying all the right things which are good but you’re telling me this hasn’t been a distraction?

Your star QB just led the league in passing, had over a 70% completion rate, and had career numbers in touchdowns and interceptions at the age of 25. And you take that to put it on scout team running back, safety, and even field goal protection? In the meantime, Davis Mills just threw his fifth interception of the practice which… Against that secondary? Come on now.

Everyone wanted something different

Look, I get it. Coming into this job for both Caserio and Culley was pretty much a lose-lose situation. Deshaun wanted no part of this rebuild; our best pick was coming in the third round, and we have no money to bring anyone in.

But, what I’m tired of is this non-distraction plan still in play mess. This COULDN’T have been your plan. Everyone had to have wanted something different. Instead, the star is running the scout team as a safety.

And, planned or not, that’s a distraction.

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