De’Aaron Fox’s Big Performance Shows Us That He Is A Superstar.

The Statistics

Fox has been in Sacramento putting up superstar performances for the better part of four years now. A city like Sacramento will always go under the radar, especially in the NBA because it is such a small market for sports. Fox came in from Kentucky and was the 5th overall pick in the NBA draft. Even though a top 5 pick usually has very high expectations in the NBA, not a lot of people have been noticing Fox, like we said because o this location.

The other night against the Pelicans, Fox put on a great performance, scoring a career high 43 points. He’s now averaging over 20 point this year right after he signed a max contract. Kentucky is known for producing extremely productive NBA talent. Finals winner Anthony Davis is the latest example of the star power Kentucky has. Fox is certainly a player to add to this list. We see young stars in the league, year after year, but Fox is working his way towards a future all star appearance in an already stacked Western Conference.

Looking Forward

We are still only about 20% in to a long NBA season. Right now, Fox has a real chance to be the third point guard selected for the all star game. The two obvious candidates for the point guard position right now is Curry and Doncic. They are both generational talents who not only get better every year, but make others around them better as well. Fox is just now starting to add that aspect into his game. He has sone young stars with him as well like Marvin Bagley and Buddy Hield. They have a young collection of talent that could allow all of them to succeed.

The next thing Fox should be looking to improve on, is his skill as a playmaker. If he can fond a way to move the ball consistently and get more teammates involved, he is going to find himself on an all star roster. He was a young star at Kentucky and even his old teammates and head coach believe that he has the fire power to be a superstar in the NBA. It seems that Sacramento should get used to the idea of having Fox around for a while. He signed a super max worth over $190 million this past offseason.

Season Expectations

The Kings will be looking to get in the play in scenario all season in order to have a shot at the actual playoffs. They are in a very deep western conference and will be in a battle every night no matter who they play. If Fox wants to take the next step, he needs to do two things. First, he should find a way to lead his team to the play in scenarios. Second, he must get them into a best of seven playoff series. It is time that the league sees and totally appreciates the talent that is in Sacramento. In conclusion, Fox is a young star with a very bright future ahead of him. The scariest part is that he’s only getting better.