Deals At The Deadline: Six NFL Trades That Should Happen

Deals At The Deadline: Six NFL Trades That Should Happen

With the Week 8 trade deadline looming, teams could be looking to deal and acquire new players to fit their current agenda. Teams are starting to figure out if they will be contending for a championship, rebuilding, or somewhere in the middle, and making a trade midseason could very well aid those goals.

Here are six trades that teams should make:

Texans RB Phillip Lindsay To The 49ers

The 49ers are struggling at the running back position due to injuries, and an elusive back like Lindsay could be the perfect addition to their playoff-caliber team. The Texans have rarely utilized Lindsay this year, so they wouldn’t particularly miss him. Playing on a cheap one year would be a straightforward deal to make contract-wise, and the cost would only be a late-round pick for San Francisco.

Eagles TE Zach Ertz To The Cardinals

The Eagles are a rebuilding team and don’t necessarily require Zach Ertz when they have a solid player Dallas Goedert. With the Cardinals losing their starting tight end Maxx Williams to injury for the season, Ertz would be a perfect addition to one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL. The Eagles can do the right thing here and send Ertz off for a late-round pick to a contender to try and win a championship.

Jets, Cowboys Swap Marcus Maye And Michael Gallup

Another deal that would work out well for both sides. Safety Marcus Maye reportedly said he’d prefer to be traded before the trade deadline this year, and an excellent destination for him would be Dallas. They’ve improved their secondary this year led by breakout star Trevon Diggs, and adding a stud like Maye would add the final piece to the beginnings of an elite unit.

On the other hand, it’s pretty apparent the Jets need more weapons for Zach Wilson, so a trade involving WR Michael Gallup would make sense. Gallup is currently on IR but will most likely be lost in the shuffle at wide receivers once he returns due to the emergence of CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper as the clear-cut top receivers on the team.

Texans WR Brandin Cooks To The Browns

Another Texans player. As the Texans have shown they are definitely in rebuild mode, they are most likely to acquire future assets for their current players. Cooks is their most talented offensive player and the one they could get the most value for.

The Browns showed last week that they need more receiving talent to finish shoot-out games, and Cooks would be the perfect addition. A 2022 mid-round pick would be proper compensation for Cooks, but the Texans would probably trade him for a 2030 seventh-rounder. Cause come on now, they’re the Texans.

Colts RB Marlon Mack To The Chiefs

After Clyde Edwards-Helaire went down with an injury next week, the Chiefs are suddenly low at the running back position. This makes a ton of sense for both teams, as the Colts pretty much have three starting-caliber backs with Jonathan Taylor, Marlon Mack, and Nyheim Hines. The Colts can offload a quality back to Kansas City while getting a decent return.

Bengals WR Tyler Boyd To The Patriots

This makes sense for both Cincinnati and New England. The Bengals have rapidly ascending rookie star Ja’Marr Chase on their hands and young receiver Tee Higgins. The Patriots are very depleted at the position and could use a talent boost to help support Mac Jones. Cap difficulties could be an issue in this trade, though. A 2022 mid-round pick would most likely be the equal compensation in this deal.

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