DeAndre Jordan To The Lakers: A Wrong Move

DeAndre Jordan To The Lakers: A Wrong Move

The Los Angeles Lakers acquired Andre Drummond last March after the Cleveland Cavaliers waived the two-time NBA All-Star. However, it was a failed experiment for the Purple and Gold.

Right on his first game as a Laker, Andre Drummond sustained a toe injury. While he averaged 11 points and ten rebounds during the final stretch of the 2020-2021 regular season with the Lakers, it was clear then. Andre Drummond didn’t fit right with a team that had Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

What made this move worse was that Drummond took away the minutes from Marc Gasol.

Drummond normed 11 rebounds and nine points during the 2021 playoffs before signing with the Philadelphia 76ers in the offseason.

The Lakers’ Next Target: DeAndre Jordan

It was clear that Andre Drummond didn’t help the Lakers’ aspirations to repeat as champions. Who the team is reportedly targetting will be another Andre Drummond.

DeAndre Jordan saw his numbers drop to their lowest since his early years in the NBA. He only averaged seven points and seven rebounds in his second season with the Brooklyn Nets. However, he was visibly absent in the 2021 playoffs as observers believed the absence was a sign that Jordan wasn’t the best center to pit alongside James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant.

Heading into the 2021-2022 season, observers believe that DeAndre Jordan won’t be a Net come opening night.

Reports are saying that the 33-year old Jordan is working on a buyout deal with the Nets. And if Jordan agrees on a buyout, the Lakers are the top team to land the center’s services.

While the Lakers would benefit from Jordan’s defensive prowess, acquiring him would do more harm than good.

Why It’s Wrong?

Firstly, the Lakers have far too many aging veterans on their lineup. These stars are playing in the near climax of their respective careers. Adding another 30 something player will make no sense for the Lakers.

Secondly, the Lakers would be wasting money and roster spot on someone like DeAndre Jordan as we would probably see him on the bench than on the court. Not to mention that analysts expect the Lakers to be a running team with Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis.

Having DeAndre Jordan will only slow the Lakers down. Isn’t that the reason why he had limited minutes under Steve Nash?

Another reason why DeAndre Jordan’s potentially joining the Lakers is wrong is that LeBron James needs shooters. While Jordan used to be a problem inside the paint during his prime, he isn’t a shooter. Plus, the Lakers already have Dwight Howard back.

Bottom line: The Lakers Don’t Need DeAndre Jordan

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