DeRozan To The Lakers: A Realistic Chance

DeRozan To The Lakers: A Realistic Chance

There’s no doubt that the Lakers will move pieces to get a legitimate third star to play alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. There are talks that the team is favorites to land Damian Lillard via a trade. There’s also the Ben Simmons possibility.

The problem is: The Lakers don’t have enough tradeable assets unless they will include either James or Davis in the trade package.

The good news is: Lillard and Simmons aren’t the only stars the Lakers could acquire in the offseason.

Signing DeRozan: A Complicated But Doable Deal

DeMar DeRozan’s current contract with the San Antonio Spurs ended when the Spurs failed to make it to the playoffs. While the Spurs still have until August 1 to negotiate a contract extension, reports say that the Lakers expressed interest in acquiring the 31-year old DeRozan.

The problem is: even if DeRozan is willing to sign a veteran’s minimum contract, the Lakers don’t have the cap space to sign DeRozan from the free agency.

The solution is a sign-and-trade deal.

Then again, the Lakers’ lack of tradeable assets could hamper this route. While Kyle Kuzma’s name is floating as a tradeable asset, his inconsistencies in the past could make the Spurs look away.

Then again, the Spurs haven’t made it beyond the first round with DeRozan.

Still a Great Addition

Even if he’s turning 32 next month, DeMar DeRozan could be a great addition for the Purple and Gold.

Despite his 25% shooting from the three-point line last season, DeRozan is still a useful veteran for the Lakers. He averaged 21 points, six assists, and four rebounds in 61 regular-season games. And those are the numbers that would make him the ideal third star next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

That, if the stars will align for the Lakers. And if DeRozan is willing to play for the Lakers on a discounted contract.

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