Deshaun Watson Is Back… Sort Of

Deshaun Watson Is Back… Sort Of

That’s right, the Texans superstar QB is back in action.

Watson returned to practice this week after missing several days last week with an apparent leg injury. And, not only did he return physically, but mentally, he seemed a bit more engaged and started to see more playing time. Is this the start of a reunion in Houston? Here’s the latest on the Deshaun Watson situation.

Watson Won’t Do ANYTHING To Avoid Playing

To be honest, when I first heard of Watson’s injury I thought he easily could have been faking. First off, it’s surprising he even got injured, considering he spent most of his time on the sideline or scout time. Deshaun suddenly having an injury and missing time, something he’s rarely done since his rookie season, seemed a bit too random.

Now, this assumption is nothing against Watsons’ character (although that too has been in question). But, the easy way out for someone who just doesn’t want to be at camp is to come up with some sort of problem, such as injury. This tactic could be used by anybody and has been in the past.

That being said, Watson got back into things relatively quickly. It does seem like he had a legit minor injury that he worked out on his own. Additionally, he was reportedly present at all team meetings and other indoor activities. Tyrod Taylor said that he was helpful and contributed to the discussion during these meetings.

Watson may want out of Houston, but he does still want to play football at a high level at some point this year. For now, there appears to be a line for how far he’s willing to take things.

Houston’s Keeping The Door Open

Contrary to what I said in my previous article regarding this situation, it seems like Houston hasn’t fully moved on from their franchise guy. It’s being reported that the team does hope to start mending the relationship with Deshaun Watson.

This isn’t a huge shock as Watson is arguably a top 3 quarterback in the prime of his career. It would be illogical to not hold onto him until there really is no other option. And, with Watsons’ current legal situations, the Texans do still have options. They’re currently receiving trade offers nowhere near his true value.

Watson has been spotted conversing with both GM Nick Cesario and HC David Culley this week. This is different from last week when he tried to avoid everyone in sight. While one can only guess what was discussed in these conversations, they have appeared to have been respectful both ways.

Ultimately, it is nice that Houston thinks they still have a shot to keep Watson in town. But, soon there will be a day when they have no choice but to deal him. And, the Texans may already know this, and are simply trying to up his trade value by acting like they still want him around.

What worries me is rumors that the front office won’t even pick up the phone to listen to trade offers. While the Texans do have time on their side due to the lengthy process of Watson’s legal situation, I feel that they should at least start some negotiations. This way, if things change quickly, they already have some background to make a quick trade happen.

Watson Wants Out

The Texans can hold onto hope all they want, but Deshaun Watson has not changed his mind. He has decided internally that he will not take a snap for the Texans this season. The biggest update I can give is that there is no update to Watsons’ thoughts and feelings.

The main indication of this is that Watson will not be traveling with the team to Green Bay per Cesario and Culley. This confirms that Watson is only at training camp to avoid being fined. Other than that, he doesn’t want to associate with the Texans or be part of the team. He’s done as the leader and simply won’t show up for a team that’s not his anymore.

Watson also got mad at reporters on Thursday, asking them why everyone keeps giving him attention and keeps on following him (sorry about this article Deshaun). A valid concern when there are 50+ other guys out there practicing instead of him. He stated that nothing has changed nor will it so the media should turn their focus somewhere else. This is the first verbal confirmation in a while from Watson that he still wants out.

So, despite some shifts in the story and minor events taking place, the latest on the Deshaun Watson situation is the same as it’s always been. Deshaun Wants out, and the Texans may or may not give in. Look on the bright side Texans fans, this Saturday, we’ll likely get to see Davis Mills show what he can do.

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