Draft Profile: Micah Parsons

Micah Parsons

Penn State-LB, 6’3”, 245 Pounds


  • Speed
  • Athleticism
  • Tackling
  • Rangy
  • Pass Coverage
  • Blitzer


  • Tends to be Over Aggressive
  • Character Concerns
  • Needs to Work Shedding Blocks


Parsons stepped onto the field as a true freshman and started. In 2018, he lead Penn State in tackles with 83 and five for loss. Parsons sophomore year was even better with 109 tackles, and he showed the ability that he could be a threat in the pass rush game with five sacks. He improved his pass coverage skills with five passes defended.

Unfortunately, Parsons decided to opt-out of the 2020 season, this was before the Big 10 decided to play a condensed season. But he did not join the team after that was announced.

Top of the Draft Skills:

Parsons is a do-it-all linebacker from the middle. He is a three-down player how can play sideline-to-sideline. His athletic ability is an asset in defending the run and pass. Parsons is an attacking defender who is not afraid of contact with the ball carrier. When called upon he rarely never misses a tackle

Parsons’s physical skill set allows him to cover small running backs to big tight ends in coverage. During his career, he has played in man and zone schemes.

From his freshman to sophomore seasons, Parsons added pass rush into his weapons. This is an area of the game where he will continue to improve.

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Areas of Improvement:

After watching film on Parsons, he tends towards being over-aggressive. This tends to have him overrun plays, but with his speed, he can make up for that. If a lineman can make it to the second level and get him before he starts moving he can get swallowed up by blockers.

There was an issue in 2018 that involved Parsons and another student. Also, there are reports of confrontations with teammates. Parsons will have to answer to those in the interview process with teams.

Draft Outlook:

Parsons looks to be a top ten pick in this year’s draft. He could as early as the third pick to the Miami Dolphins. But the character concerns could have him drop out of the top ten.