Even After Cuts, The Titans’ Roster Moves Are Far From Finished

Even After Cuts, The Titans’ Roster Moves Are Far From Finished

The Titans, like every other team in the NFL, cut their roster down to 53 players yesterday. For most teams, yesterday signifies the end of their cuts. However, with nine players on the COVID-19 list, a handful of which are locks to make the 53, the current Titan’s roster is still very much in flux.

We’re going to take a look at who some of the more surprising cuts were, as well as some candidates to be cut once players start coming off of the COVID-19 list and we’ll throw in a few options as far as who could come back on the practice squad.

First off, what players were cut?

The Titans cut 17 players yesterday. John Glennon had the full list, check it out below.

The biggest shocker on the list is 4th round pick, WR Dez Fitzpatrick. He was a head-scratching selection when he was taken as high as he was. Then for him to turn around and not make the roster is… woof.

I’m also a bit surprised to see Naquan Jones here as well. The Titans paid him a handsome UDFA deal coming out of Michigan State. By all reports, he had been a good player throughout the camp; seeing him cut was a bit surprising.

Wyatt Ray is another one that caught me off guard. With the Titans’ lack of depth at the edge, I thought he had a good shot at making the roster. However, with the emergence of rookie Rashad Weaver, Ray became much more expendable from a depth perspective. Most of the remaining players were simply camp bodies who didn’t have much of a shot at making the roster.

We have starters coming off of the COVID list. Who is going to be cut then?

A handful of key Titans starters are currently on the COVID list. Guys like QB Ryan Tannehill, C Ben Jones, G Nate David, OLD Harold Landry, and TE Geoff Swaim are guys who have roles on the roster who will have to have a spot when they’re ready to come off the list. When those five players come off of the COVID list, they’ll have to have roster spots. Here, we’re going to take a look at a few of the guys still on the chopping block.

C Daniel Munyer

He has had a bad camp. From Day 1, there were reports from camp of Munyer having issues with clean snaps. Then we get in the preseason games, he was a turnstile for defensive linemen. Ben Jones will be coming off the list soon, and Aaron Brewer has a solid grasp on the primary backup IOL spot. Munyer’s time with the Titans is all but done.

Tight Ends

Another position where the Titans are going to have to cut a player will be at TE. In the modern NFL, keeping four TE’s on the roster just doesn’t work, and with Swaim coming back off the list shortly, either Tommy Hudson or Luke Stocker will likely be finding their way to the unemployment line soon.

That will be an interesting thing to watch, and both offer similar skillsets, but Stocker is the better blocker and a seasoned vet. Hudson is more likely to be cut, but it’s up in the air right now.


This is another position that’ll have to have a player cut. Logan Woodside and Matt Barkley have been battling the last few weeks to see who Tannehill’s primary backup will be. It’s been a pretty even race for the most part. However, both of them won’t make the final 53 but deciding who won’t be an easy choice. It will be a tough choice for the Titans, both have shown the ability to run the offense well enough.

Nat Davis and Harold Landry will need roster spots as well, and where those will come from is anyone’s guess. Someone going on temporary IR (ala Josh Reynolds) is a very real possibility if only temporary relief. If it comes down to picking someone to cut, there are a few options. Safeties Bradley McDougald and Matthias Farley stand to be candidates, as well as Chester Rodgers or Cam Batson at WR, just purely based on the talent at those positions.

Who are some options for the practice squad?

There are plenty of good options for the practice squad stemming from these cuts. Assuming they clear waivers, WR’s Dez Fitzpatrick and Mason Kinsey seem like locks for the practice squad. TE Miller Forristal and FB Troy Carter are intriguing options to be brought back, as well as someone like Naquan Jones. There’s no doubt that Titans GM Jon Robinson is currently scouring the waiver wire right now, looking for more additions to add either to the practice squad or to the roster.

NFL rosters are never complete. GMs and coaches are always looking for ways to upgrade throughout the season, and the Titans are no different. The 53 man roster they go into the season with will no doubt look different by the midway part of the season. It’s just a bit unusual to be going into week 1 with as much unknown as they currently have. It’s not necessarily a bad thing either. It just gives them more time to make sure they have the best 53 in place going into week 1.

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