Finn Balor Has Done Everything He Can In WWE

To clarify, Finn Balor has not necessarily done everything in WWE. He never main evented Wrestlemania. Probably has not earned a Hall of Fame spot. Never won the Royal Rumble. Never won the Elimination Chamber.

However, what Finn Balor could achieve in the WWE, he has done exceedingly well. He brought prestige and attention to NXT, making it a legitimate third brand, and became one of, if not, the best NXT champion (his first reign is second to his most recent reign). He will forever be the first-ever Universal Champion, with the image of him standing on the corner post, unable to lift the title due to tearing up his shoulder and the faded and spotty demon paint becoming iconic. His return from injury at the Raw after Wrestlemania 33 is electric and earth-shaking.

Sure, his spot on the roster became a joke and he got buried for almost a year. However, unlike most, he was able to revive his hype in NXT and get his fire back. He got the chance to be the “Prince” again, got to help raise the new faces in the scene. Keith Lee, Kyle O’Reilly, and Karrion Kross owe Balor a ton for what he has done for them over the last year.

Balor’s second NXT title run ended at NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver, and with that, Balor has run out of things to do in WWE.

He does not have a blood feud to settle, he does not really have a chance to get to the main event of the main roster (if Vince is going to completely write off Keith Lee and Ricochet and Andrade because he “does not get it” or “does not like them” then Finn Balor is never making it past the mid-card) and he has given NXT all he could give. Sure, NXT writers have proven they know how to write Balor, but where do they go?

NXT has so much young talent they seem set on building around, and Balor does not help them do that. After doing a rub for Kross, Balor can not give any prestige to the other up-and-coming stars. Thanks to Balor’s last year, NXT is back to being self-sustainable. Sure, he could bring the Demon back for a rematch with Kross to give Kross even more momentum, but Kross does not need that, and neither does Finn.

What does that leave, going to the main roster? The main roster writers can not book Balor, and he just becomes another body sitting in the back. Maybe, just maybe, he can make it to the Intercontinental title, but what does that do for him? He is a former Universal Champion, former three-time IWGP junior heavyweight champion, and two-time NXT Champion. What does the Intercontinental title matter to his legacy?

There is nothing left for Finn Balor in the WWE, which is unfortunate. Balor is fantastic and crowds love him, so WWE is perfect for him. The “Prince” gimmick could be beyond popular on the main roster, especially if given proper writing. However, the main roster writers can not be trusted to even allow that gimmick, let alone get it right.

So what is next for Finn Balor? He can stay in WWE, maybe transition to training in the Performance Center, and settling down with his wife. His contract could be almost up (contract information is hard to find, but it would make sense for his contract to be nearly up) and he could make his way back to Japan. Bullet Club desperately needs a true leader, and Prince Devitt could instantly electrify the whole promotion. He could also go on down to Jacksonville, and do some wrestling for AEW. They do not really have a spot for him either, but at least those writers are competent enough to write one for him.

However, no matter what the future holds for Balor/Devitt, here is hoping he gets to keep being the great wrestler and personality that he is.

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