Five Chief Takeaways From Chiefs Versus Ravens (Week Two)

Five Chief Takeaways From Chiefs Versus Ravens (Week Two)

Well, I’m gonna save the long intro and get right into it. It was a heart-shattering loss last night as the Chiefs lost to Ravens 35-36 off of a fumble by Clyde Edwards-Helaire and a failed fourth-down stop. A lot went wrong, but there were also a lot of good signs as well. Now, let’s look at the main five takeaways we saw from this upsetting loss:

Mathieu Is Back And Is A Monster

Before I harbor into the bad, let’s start with something good; that would be none other than to talk about Tyrann Mathieu. Mathieu had an emphatic showing, coming away with six tackles with all of them being solo ones; to add on, he also had two interceptions (all in the first quarter) and he took one back to the house:

He now is tied with the most interceptions on the year with two. Mathieu was a beast all game long, and I’m glad he’s back; he is the spark and the leader that the Chiefs need in the secondary and in the defense overall. There were rarely any flaws in his game yesterday. Speaking of the defense…

A Run Defense? What’s That?

Chiefs’ fans haven’t seen a good run defense since eons ago, in the forgotten times of their history. You have to question what is happening with it. Is it the players, the scheme, the coordinators? There has to be a reason for this.

The Chiefs’ run defense was atrocious last night, giving up 251 rushing yards along with the Ravens averaging over six yards per rush on 41 rush attempts. Lamar Jackson, of course, had the best night, rushing 16 times for 107 yards and two touchdowns. Even if you exclude Jackson from the rushing equation (because we all know he is a beast running the rock), the Chiefs still gave up 144 rushing yards to the Ravens’ runningbacks.

Whether it was to the outside or the inside, the Chiefs couldn’t do anything about it. From Latavius Murray to Ty’Son Williams, every runningback was having a field day. Some changes have to be made immediately; I don’t know what scheme Spagnuolo will conjure up, but hopefully, it’ll be ten times better than what transpired. I won’t ask for perfection; however, I will ask to please not give up 250+ rushing yards next week.

Mistakes On Top Of Mistakes

Aside from the horrid run defense, there were a lot of mistakes made on both sides of the ball. This includes a fair share of blown coverages, Mahomes’ interception, and, most notably, Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s fumble. Before I say anything else, I wanna give credit where credit is due. Odafe Oweh, the one who forced the ball out of Helaire’s hands and recovered it, made a clutch play to win the game. He’s a beast, and deserves that credit:

This fumble accurately depicted the game’s overall tone: sloppy. From the run defense/offense to the turnovers, it just wasn’t a good game overall. This game should’ve been in the bag, but the stupid mistakes killed the Chiefs in the end.

Lesser-Known Receivers Shine Despite Loss

It truly was a day for some Chiefs’ receivers this week that aren’t among the bigger names. Let’s start with Byron Pringle, who had two catches for 63 yards and a touchdown. He showed his athleticism and speed for that TD, churning his legs for 40 yards as quickly as he could:

Mecole Hardman had a solid game as well, catching five passes for 55 yards on eight targets. It looks like he’s on a trend of improvement as the season goes along, so it will be interesting to look at what he can do for the remainder of the year. Demarcus Robinson had a great game, especially with his role in the offense, catching three passes for 46 yards with a 33-yard TD reception. The adjustment, the hands, the concentration; everything was perfect for that catch:

The receiving core had a great game overall. It was a sloppy game, but the receiving core is the one core that can be excluded from the blame. They did their job, and that’s all you can ask of them.

Run Game Has To Improve… Somehow

The run offense has been lackluster this year, and this game proves it. The Chiefs’ had only 62 yards on the ground, with Helaire being the lead rusher. While he was, he still didn’t have a good game in the slightest. On 13 rushes, he had only 46 yards and a fumble lost, averaging 3.5 yards per run. Now, to be fair, the run blocking wasn’t perfect; nevertheless, you’d expect more production from a first-round pick, especially after what he has shown in the past with his elusiveness and ability to run through contact.

Hopefully, it’ll pick up as the season moves along. Until then, the Chiefs just have to suck this loss up and keep on moving along.

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