Five NFL Players Needing Desperate Turnarounds

Five NFL Players Needing Desperate Turnarounds

These players might not be coming off a bad injury, but rather a bad season performance. Most of the time, I think quarterbacks fit into this group considering they have the most pressure to perform well and win.

So whether it is a quarterback pressured to win or a defensive end needing more tackles, all of these fit into a “turnaround”. That being said, let’s check out the top five players who need huge turnarounds in 2021-22. Once again, a ranking list will work best here.

5.) Carson Wentz- Indianapolis Colts QB

Besides maybe a season-ending injury, 2020 was about as bad as it could get for Wentz. Wentz had one of, if not the most unproductive season of his career. In 2020, Wentz threw 21 touchdowns but also a career-worst 15 interceptions. Wentz has since then been traded to the Indianapolis Colts and is ready for a change of scenery. With a solid offensive line and his former coach Frank Reich reuniting with him, Wentz is due for a turnaround. Will Wentz have an MVP caliber year? Maybe, maybe not. To say he will have another down year after such a change of scenery would be false, though. Wentz will not be the best QB in the league by any means. However, he needs to turn it around this season to prove he is the franchise guy in Indy.

4.) Cam Newton- New England Patriots QB

Cam Newton is yet another QB that in days past was considered elite. Last season, Newton was far from elite. In the worst season of his career, Newton battled COVID, below-average stats, and just an overall bad season. Coming into 2021-22, What will benefit Newton the most will be having a full training camp as a Patriot. Newton came to New England at the end of June and never became fully comfortable in the Patriot’s offense. The biggest factor for a turnaround year is the fact that rookie backup, Mac Jones, is ready to take Newton’s job. Newton is one of those QBs that takes competition seriously and that will lead to a big turnaround. Not to mention New England adding plenty of new receiving talent for Newton to have more options. Newton has all the right pieces of the puzzle, now he just needs to put them together.

3.) Patrick Peterson- Minnesota Vikings

The eight-time pro bowler has plenty left in the tank, and a change of scenery might just be the answer. In his final season as a Cardinal, Peterson had a down year allowing an 8.1 completion percentage. Peterson is easily still one of the best defenders in the NFL and Minnesota got a steal. He is also set up perfectly in Minnesota because one of their starters, Jeff Gladney, might face some discipline and give him more time. While Peterson has very little to prove, his new team could prove worthwhile for the veteran corner. Give him time to get used to the Vikings system and a big turnaround is in store for the pro-bowl corner.

2.) Chiefs Offensive Line

Before you say “well you can’t put an entire set of players on this list”, hear me out. I have talked about the poor performance of the Chiefs o-line in last year’s Super Bowl before. That performance warrants yet another conversation. Why? Well when you don’t protect Patrick Mahomes, people get worried. So what did Brett Veach do? He went out and replaced the entire line with new players. The new line now has the biggest task in the NFL: protect Patrick Mahomes. While the new o-line has not seen regular-season action yet, I feel they have to right the wrongs and turn around the Chiefs offense. To clarify, I only mean they are turning around the o-line, not the rest of the offense. Protecting the $500 million quarterback is a commitment, and a turnaround is absolutely necessary.

1.) Daniel Jones- New York Giants QB

Daniel Jones is bringing an immense amount of pressure into the 2021 season. The truth is that Jones has not lived up to the expectation of a sixth overall pick. In 2020, Jones threw 11 touchdowns but nearly threw the same amount of interceptions (10). New York has shown their faith in him despite the turnover problem because he’s shown sparks of good football. However, it has become clear that the Daniel Jones hype is slowly ending and Jones’s time as a starter could end soon. Jones has all the pressure in the world to turn it around or his job will be taken. He came into the NFL with enough pressure but now it has increased tenfold. If Jones wants to remain the starter, or in New York for that matter, a huge turnaround needs to happen. Daniel Jones needs the biggest turnaround out of anyone in the NFL.

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