Five Studs And Five Duds From Thanksgiving Football

On Thanksgiving Day in 2020, three matchups were slated to be broadcast on national television, and due to the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic, only two were played. While the time for full analysis could be and will be made, let’s focus on 10 takeaways that can be made from turkey day.

We will be rotating studs and duds, so the studs will appear on odd numbers and duds will appear on even numbers. It will be labeled as well.

10. DudsMatt Patricia and Bob Quinn

These two could be considered to be duds as hires for the Lions, and this week’s matchup proved to be the final straw in their tenures in Detroit. All of this should lead them to be the top duds of the week. Well, that would be too easy. These men have been on the hot seat for some time now, and this game really was simply the nail in a very deep coffin.

Losing to the Texans was not the last straw; they could have won out and probably still been fired. It stinks, but the Lions may have simply cut ties before it was too late. It stinks and they deserve to be mentioned, but they are not the biggest duds of the week.

9. Stud- Alex Smith

Alex Smith is an inspiration to all. He went first overall and endured several coaches in only a few years, finally found success and the injury bug took it from him, was traded and revitalized a franchise, but then was replaced, and finally led a mismanaged franchise to success only to be brutally injured on the anniversary of another franchise legend suffering an alarmingly similar injury.

This is a Hollywood script waiting to happen as a result of him even stepping on the field again. He not only won a primetime matchup, but he also guided a team to a division lead when the franchise has no business being in that position. It is truly awesome that he accomplished this, but his stat line of 149 yards with one touchdown and one interception doesn’t push him higher on this list. He still is an amazing story.

8. Dud- Jerry Jones

Jones is a character, to say the least. Love him or hate him, he really cares about his Cowboys. It is remarkable to see an owner care about his team, and while it seems a little cruel to poke fun at him, his frustration that was shown on national television was enough to land him on the list. His face was pouty, which was noticeable despite a face mask that hid the majority of his expression from the world.

It’s interesting to see, as he seemed to be on top when he hired Mike McCarthy and didn’t cater to quarterback Dak Prescott’s whims. Now, he is tasked with a woefully unprepared team and an uncertain quarterback situation for the future.

7. Stud- Adrian Peterson

Peterson is a hall of fame caliber running back and represents a generational talent who does not possess the same ability that he used to. While his speed has left the building, his grit and tenacity still exist, and he showed some of this on Thursday, despite being on the losing side of the contest. Peterson ran for 55 yards on 15 carries and added two touchdowns for the Lions. The touchdowns are impressive, and it was nice to see Peterson find success. He was an impact player on the field and just continues to help his case as a future Hall of Fame player.

6. Dud- Detroit Lions Defense

This may seem like a low blow, but the Texans straight-up embarrassed the Lions defensive unit. The team’s offense put up a fight, as contributing 25 points should give the team at least a chance to win. Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson tore up the unit and one trick play that resulted in a Will Fuller touchdown left the defense looking confused and hopeless.

5.Stud- Deshaun Watson

Is Deshaun Watson the best quarterback in the league? This seems like a topic that deserves a deep dive, but he was electric on Thanksgiving Day. Watson threw for 318 yards and four touchdowns while only eight of his balls fell incomplete. He is an outstanding pocket passer and overall athlete who hopefully will get more league attention from this performance.

4.Dud- Baltimore Ravens

Despite not having a single-player participate on Thanksgiving Day, the Baltimore Ravens franchise deserves some negative attention for the lack of a game on Thursday night. The situation stinks, and everyone sincerely hopes that all players and their families make full recoveries from this virus. It is still important to recognize that the Ravens missed an opportunity to prove themselves against the team with the current best record in the entire National Football League. The Ravens need a win, and a Thanksgiving day victory could have been a huge momentum boost for the season.

3. Stud- Will Fuller

Will Fuller really showed his worth on turkey day. The receiver had six receptions that accounted for two touchdowns and 171 yards. These totals moved his totals to 879 yards and eight touchdowns on the season and further solidifies him as a bona fide weapon for Deshaun Watson.

2. Dud- NFL Fans

Yes, we the NFL fans are the top dud. It isn’t our fault, but we missed out on the best game of the night due to the disease that has tortured us for months. Instead of quality NFL action, we were treated to four sub .500 teams who all have little realistic shot at hoisting the Lombardi Trophy when all is said and done. While two teams that have a solid shot at it were forced to wait until a future date to compete, this truly stinks

1. Stud- Romeo Crennel

It’s truly awesome that the Houston Texans are having success in the aftermath of the Bill O’Brien era. Interim Head Coach Romeo Crennel has led the team to a 4–3 record and even if a playoff berth doesn’t seem likely, a Thanksgiving day win for the league’s oldest coach will be a moment he will never forget.