Five Super Bowl Or Bust NFL Teams In 2021-22

Five Super Bowl Or Bust NFL Teams In 2021-22

I can confidently say that there are five teams in the NFL this season that should be Super Bowl or bust. What this means is that even if they win their division, no Super Bowl win is a failed season. If you don’t have at least three teams in mind already, then start thinking harder.

This list is going to be very cliche, but then again, these five teams are that good. So buckle up and prepare yourself for the five Super Bowl or bust teams in 2021-22.

1.) Kansas City Chiefs (14-2 in 2020, Lost In Super Bowl)

The 2021-22 Kansas City Chiefs are going to be absolutely terrifying to play against. This Chiefs team I think is going to be more motivated to win than the 2018 Chiefs. The 2018 Chiefs obviously came back and won the Super Bowl in 2019 but this year’s team is going to come out and try to beat everyone by three or more touchdowns.

After such an embarrassing loss to Tampa Bay in last season’s Super Bowl, they are out for revenge. Ideally, the Chiefs should be Super Bowl contenders if not champions a few more times while Mahomes is around. Anything less than a Super Bowl for the next decade is a failure. Any team with that level of motivation and expectations is number one on this list especially since no other team I think carries that expectation.

2.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5 in 2020, Won Super Bowl)

Yes I know, this is such a cliche and obvious list so far but I’m sorry I do not control how good these teams are. Much like the 2019 Chiefs who returned 20 out of 22 starters, Tampa Bay has done one better and returned all 22 starters. Any team that goes to through the effort of returning 22 starters, deserves a spot here.

The Bucs showed they can beat anyone including the powerhouse Chiefs. Tampa has one of the best defenses in the NFL and an offense that when healthy, can run up the scoreboard. Tampa Bay with Tom Brady at the helm is Super Bowl or bust yet again. While Tom Brady and father time continues to sip martinis together and not fight, Brady will have Tampa ready to go.

3.) Buffalo Bills (13-3 in 2020, Lost in AFC Championship)

The Buffalo Bills without a doubt are back to their mid-90s winning form. Buffalo was beaten by a scary good Chiefs team in last season’s AFC title game but that should not discredit them. Buffalo is going to be a solid team for a while thanks to Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Any team that has one of the best records in the league and loses to the other best record team, is still primed for a Super Bowl run. Buffalo has a tough defense and a dynamite offense to look forward to in 2021. Buffalo is probably one of my favorites to challenge anyone in the AFC next season. I think Buffalo has earned the status of Super Bowl or bust for sure. Buffalo should be penciled in as an immediate AFC contender for 2021-22.

4.) Cleveland Browns (11-5 in 2020, Lost in AFC Divisional)

Cleveland is yet another AFC team that has emerged from the bottom of the league back into playoff contenders. The Browns might have the best top to the bottom depth chart in the NFL. They have a top-five defense and an offense that can run the board when needed. Cleveland also showed glimpses of burning out at the wrong time and that is why they are lower on this list.

However, Cleveland managed to add more pieces to their defense, and with everyone healthy on offense, they are dangerous. Cleveland is definitely a dark horse team in the AFC to shake up the standings and team’s playoff hopes. Cleveland wants that coveted Super Bowl to truly solidify them at the top of the NFL and anything less is a failure.

5.) Green Bay Packers (13-3 in 2020, Lost in NFC Championship)

Call me crazy but I still think Aaron Rodgers can lead a disgruntled Packers team to the playoffs again. Through all the drama, I think this Packers team, as long as Rodgers is QB, can make it back to at least an NFC title game. I would put Green Bay higher on this list if they have a guarantee that Rodgers is fully committing to Green Bay.

With a top 10 secondary, and Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball to Davantae Adams, there’s plenty to work with. Rodgers has taken Green Bay to the promised land and won it all before. What a storyline that would be, Rodgers, winning a title with Green Bay despite all the drama? That would make for amazing television folks. Green Bay will hold this spot until Aaron Rodgers is a guarantee which as of right now is still up in the air.

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