Florio: Rodgers More Likely To Be Traded If He Shows Up

July 19, 2021

If there was ever a national sports “journalist” who was more disliked by Packers’ fans than Adam Schefter, it would be Mike Florio. Ever since the Aaron Rodgers’ situation was reported on the first day of the NFL Draft, Mike Florio has spouted opinions left and right about how Rodgers situation may end. Recently, however, he may have had his most questionable take yet.

What Florio Said

Even though he is on vacation, Mike Florio took the time to appear on a Minnesota sports radio show. The fact that he was discussing Aaron Rodgers on a Vikings’ show should give a good indication about what kind of nonsense he was going to spout. Florio said:

I have believed all along that Rodgers is going to show up. I think he wants to keep it uncertain through July 26, the day of the shareholders meeting, so Mark Murphy has to deal with all the crap of the shareholders/fans/cheeseheads who are antsy and upset about all the uncertainty. And then the next day we find out that Aaron Rodgers shows up.

Now, this certainly could be what happens. Aaron Rodgers, though he has not named any names, has stated that he does not agree with the way the organization has handled some situations. These situations were mostly regarding players. This does likely mean that Murphy is the main target of his ire. It is not out of the realm of possibility that this is what Aaron Rodgers has planned. After all, Murphy did generate a good deal of heat for himself earlier this offseason when he referred to Rodgers as “a complicated fella.”

Then Florio Went Full Florio

If Mike Florio had just left it at that, it may have been the smartest thing he had said or written all offseason. However, it was far from the last he had to say on the topic. Florio continued:

“I think he knows what he’s gonna do and frankly is more likely to get traded if he shows up!”

This, frankly, is an absolutely head-scratching statement. Of course Aaron Rodgers already knows what he’s going to do. Rodgers always has a plan. Everything Rodgers says and does is carefully calculated. However, to say that he is more likely to get traded if he shows up is an outright foolish statement to make.

A Response To Florio

The Green Bay Packers have already stated that they are not trading Aaron Rodgers. Head coach Matt LaFleur has stated numerous times his desire to have Rodgers as his quarterback for as long as he wants to be. To say that Rodgers is more likely to be traded by showing up to camp is discrediting the statements of so many people connected to Rodgers and the situation.

Of course, there is a possibility that Rodgers will be traded after this season anyway. However, whether or not this happens does not rely on Rodgers’ presence with the team. If anything, Rodgers can again show up the front office by playing a great season again. This would prove that he is still one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. In other words, the Packers’ decision becomes tougher and they will be less likely to trade him. It would be impossible to defend trading an All-Pro quarterback who shows no signs of age.

On the other hand, if he does not show up, he clearly is done with Green Bay. If that is the case, he will be gone at season’s end anyway. Clearly, he has a higher chance of being traded by sitting out than by showing up. Florio, again, went full Florio.

Never go full Florio.


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