Floyd Mayweather Has The Same Tricks Up His Sleeves, And He Gets Us Every Time

Floyd Mayweather Has The Same Tricks Up His Sleeves, And He Gets Us Every Time

At this point, if you are one of the people that either purchased Floyd Mayweather’s PPV exhibition against Logan Paul or were in attendance to watch the fight live, you no longer get to complain about the outcome or quality of the product. 

If you hate Mayweather that much or wish to see him, take a loss so bad that you would pay to watch him fight an exhibition match against a novice like Paul, then you are the problem. Not Mayweather.

When you keep handing over your money for a product that you feel is subpar, why would anyone in their right mind entertain your thoughts when you complain about that product afterward? He [Mayweather] has your money by then.

Mayweather is not fighting professional boxers for a living anymore. Your hopes and dreams of him losing a sanctioned boxing match are over. It is not going to happen. And as long as people are willing to “waste” $50 [on PPV] to watch him fight guys that shouldn’t be in the ring with him, he will continue to do it. The man does go by the moniker of Money Mayweather. 

After the exhibition, Mayweather spoke on exactly that: 

“And they say, ‘It’s not all about the money.’ Well, your kids can’t eat legacy. The patches on my trunks, that’s $30 million alone.”

So, who’s really the smartest one in the sport of boxing? If you guys don’t want to see me do no exhibitions, don’t come, don’t watch. When it comes to – legalized bank robbing, I’m the best. I don’t care if ya’ll write good stories, I don’t care if y’all write bad stories, at the end of the day I will always have the last laugh.

Not only does Mayweather laugh last, but he also laughs loudest on his way to the bank. That’s what it comes down to, money. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why all these athletes from outside of the boxing world are lining up to take their best shot at the undefeated champ.

From Connor McGregor, to [Logan] Paul, to whoever steps up next to face Mayweather, they all know facing Money Mayweather is the quickest route to an extraordinary payday. Because Floyd is the biggest draw in professional sports, period. He will continue to oblige and take on these challenges so long as the masses continue to buy the product. 

So, it really is quite simple. If you want Mayweather to take his 50-0 record, along with his millions, and go away, stop paying attention. Paying being the operative word here. Quit falling for the same old trick every time.

Mayweather learned a ton about promoting and showmanship during his brief stint in the WWE leading up to his Wrestlemania 24 showdown with the Big Show in 2008. The champ has taken what Vince McMahon has done for decades to a whole new level. It never fails either because he gets us every time. 

So, if you are one of those complaining about Mayweather fighting exhibitions or not taking on “real fighters” anymore, don’t point the finger at Mayweather or his opponents. Take a look in the mirror and do some real soul searching. You might be surprised at what you find.

Criss Partee

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