Former Kansas City Star Sports Reporter Terez Paylor Passes Away At Age 37

Yahoo Sports Senior NFL reporter and former Kansas City Star sports reporter, Terez Paylor, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday. He was 37 years of age.

Paylor’s Journey

After graduating from Howard University in 2006, Paylor joined the KC Star as a sportswriter. Over his 12 years with The Star, Paylor covered high school sports, before moving on to cover the MLS and athletics at the University of Missouri.

In 2013, he became the Kansas City Chiefs beat reporter, where he became a staple of journalism in Kansas City. Through his written and spoken word, Paylor became the standard for Chiefs news in Kansas City.

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He was one of the most reliable and trustworthy sources that anyone could ask for. Paylor’s hard work, dedication, excellence, and most of all, his love of football, created a terrific journalist.

Paylor started his time with the Chiefs as Andy Reid and Alex Smith took over the team in 2013. He broke down the selection of Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft as well.

After five years as the Chiefs beat reporter, he moved on to Yahoo Sports, becoming the Senior NFL reporter. His role expanded to the entire NFL, but he was still deeply involved with Chiefs news. Paylor was the source who broke the Alex Smith trade to Washington, and the Chiefs acquisition of Frank Clark from Seattle.

Along with his ability to tell a story and break down news and developments in the NFL, Paylor had a true knack and ability to analyze film and present it to his audience, especially via Twitter.

He was a member of the Pro Football Writers of America, holding a vote for the Pro Football Hall of Fame as well. Paylor was one of the icons in NFL reporting and one of the best in the business and industry.

Personal Feelings on Paylor

For me, this leaves me heartbroken and crushed. As an aspiring sports journalist, I have looked up to Terez Paylor for years. He is a huge reason as to why I got into journalism and why I am pursuing a career in it.

On Monday, I was listening to the latest Terez Paylor Show with Jay Binkley as they the broke down Super Bowl and interviewed Brandon Thorn. I also read his latest article on how the Chiefs can avoid another game like Super Bowl LV.

Now, to think that he is no longer with us crushes me. Paylor has been one of my role models since I started to think about getting involved in journalism.

He was one of the best people and journalists in business and industry. Someone that was extremely reliable, trustworthy, and well-liked.

He set the standard for journalism in Kansas City. He was the go-to source for any thing Chiefs related and was a staple for the team and fans.

I would always say, “it isn’t confirmed until Terez Paylor confirms it,” and “Once Terez reports it, it is one hundred percent confirmed.”

Another great person and journalist gone way too soon. I strive to be like Terez Paylor in the sports journalism industry. I hope to have an impact like his on people and on the industry. Rest In Peace Terez Paylor.