Free Sports Betting Picks For June 29th

Free Sports Betting Picks For June 29th

First of all, I guess I should tell you a little background about myself and my betting background. I’m Sam and I am now writing for Border Fuel, but also I have three podcasts. One of which is the Daily Sports Betting Overtime podcast where I give out exactly what I am betting on daily.

I hear you now saying, yeah, yeah, yeah, so what? Well, I was raised as a sports fanatic before my parents even realized it. I became super obsessive around my middle school years I even decided then that I needed to be a coach.

Long story short, I became the youngest head coach in my state until the record was broken a couple of years ago. I have coached at the middle school and high school level including head coach girls’ basketball assistant coach boys’ basketball, head coach track, head coach volleyball, and head coach cross country. I know a little about most sports.

Why Betting?

Betting on different games starting with minor betting between friends and every once in a while going to V we gas, but sports betting was allowed in many states including mine. It has taken off for all kinds of different states, yet many want to play, but don’t know-how. It is why we gave you Sports Betting Tips. I continue giving out basics, tips, and tricks. But first, let’s see how much interest we can draw by giving our picks out for free.

You don’t have to bet every pick and you don’t need to bet a lot of money on picks to make the game more exciting. Use bankroll management and never bet more than you think you can afford. If you think or someone close to thinks you have a gambling problem then please stop and call 1-800-GAMBLER. Answer their questions honestly so they can get you the appropriate referrals along with help, support and guidance. Now let’s get to our picks.

Betting Euro 2020 Soccer

Game: 12:00 England vs Germany

Pick: England ML (+135) and Over 2.5 goals for (+114)

Game: 3:00 Sweden vs Ukraine

Picks: Sweden ML (+135) and Over 2.5 goals (+148)

Betting NBA Basketball Playoffs

Game: 8:30 Milwaukee at Atlanta (Milwaukee leads Series 2-1)

Picks: Atlanta (+7) (-110) and Over 219 pts. (-110)

Betting MLB Baseball

Game: 7:05 LA Angels at NY Yankees

Picks: LA Angels ML (+130) and Under 10 (-115)

Game: 7:05 Miami at Philadelphia

Picks: Miami ML (-120) and Over 8.5 runs (-110)

Games: 7:07 Seattle at Toronto

Picks: Toronto(-1.5 Run Line) (-115) and Under 10 (-115)

Game: 7:10 San Diego at Cincinnati

Picks: San Diego (-1.5 Run Lin (-105) and Under 9.6 runs (-105)

Game: 7:10 Kansas City at Boston

Picks: Boston (-1.5 Run Line) (-105) and Under 10.5 runs (-110)

Game: 7:10 Detroit at Cleveland

Picks: Cleveland (-1.5 Run Line) (+105) and Under 9.5 runs (-110)

Game: 7:20 NY Mets at Atlanta

Picks: Atlanta (-1.5 Run Line) (+125) and Under 9 r Yi ns (-115)

Games. 8:10 Minnesota at Chicago White Sox

Picks: White Sox ML (-135) and Over 8.5 runs (-105)

Games: 8:10 Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee

Picks: Milwaukee (-1.5) (+110) and Under 7 runs (Even)

Game: 8:15 Arizona at St. Louis

Picks: Arizona ML (+135) and Over 9 runs (-105)

Game: 8:40 Pittsburgh at Colorado

Picks: Colorado (-1.5 Run Line) (-115) and Under 11 (-110)

Game: 9:40 Texas at Oakland

Picks: Oakland (-1.5 Run Line) (-110) and Under 8.5 runs (-110)

Game of the Night: 10:10 San Francisco at LA Dodgers

Picks: San Francisco ML (+130) and Over 7.5 runs (Even)

Remember, these just an opinion and should be used as fun to get more into the games. Write below to say what. You think and what future games/matches you want to see. This experiment is to see how you like it. Plus where do you most games for free? Most give you 3-4 picks. We just gave 32 picks. Check back with us to see how we did. Let’s have some fun.

Samantha L. Sayre

Hey everyone, I'm a sports fanatic about all sports (Yes, even soccer I suppose), not just a fan. I even occasionally gamble on sports which means daily for my podcast - Daily Sports Betting Overtime. I love college sports especially my Florida Gators, but also am into the NFL, Nascar, and Pro Wrestling. I even have a podcast about that too called Pro Wrestling Overtime. I've been both a high school and middle school coach. I was the youngest coach of any sport in my state until 2 years ago when it was broken. Also, have a State Championship to my name as an assistant coach in boys' high school basketball.

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