Goodbye Oakland, Hello Vegas: Oakland A’s Vegas Bound?

Goodbye Oakland, Hello Vegas: Oakland A’s Vegas Bound?

The Oakland A’s could be the next Oakland team heading for Vegas. The A’s old NFL neighbors, the Raiders, made the move to Vegas just last year. That move resulted in the Raiders getting a new stadium in Vegas.

So, how realistic is the A’s move to Vegas? Probably about a 50/50 chance at this point. The A’s however are not entirely done in Oakland as there have been serious talks of them getting an updated stadium in downtown Oakland. So, will the A’s move to Vegas? Let’s check it out.

Yes, The Move Will Happen

Las Vegas is becoming a rather popular destination for sports teams. I don’t blame these teams considering Vegas is such a big market area. The A’s leaving Oakland for Vegas makes sense to me. The Oakland stadium is deteriorating and needs way too many upgrades and if Vegas can build them a new stadium faster than Oakland can upgrade, this decision should be easy. I think the A’s fan base would adjust well to the move much like the Raiders fan base as well.

The A’s are having another good year but yet the seats are empty. I think the move to Vegas would lead to filled seats which in turn could motivate the team to keep up the winning ways. The whole idea of a player or team needing a change of scenery to improve would fit well for the A’s. Make the move to Vegas, increase your ticket sales and the rest will fall into place.

No, The Move Won’t Happen

If the A’s decide Vegas is not the right move, a lot would need to happen. It should be viewed as a positive thing that new stadium talks are still ongoing. A new stadium would be a hefty investment for the city of Oakland but sometimes that is what it takes to keep your pro teams around. A new water-front stadium would be similar to the Giants stadium but obviously would be more updated. If Oakland wants to fill seats again, a new stadium is the only route here.

Final Thoughts

I think the only option that results in the stadium outline the A’s want, is in Vegas. Vegas has shown their clear interest to bring an MLB team to the Vegas area and it would be a great opportunity for the A’s. A new city, a new stadium, and a fresh start for them as a franchise. It is also noteworthy that the A’s triple-A team, the Las Vegas Aviators, are already housed there. A move to Vegas would create an incredible way for the A’s and their farm system, at least at the Triple-A level, to have better communication and movement overall.

If I am the A’s, this move to Vegas only ends positively. Take advantage of a city with a huge market wanting you as a franchise. These opportunities do not come around often and the A’s should take it. In fact, I think this move happens within the next year or two and Vegas will be home to an NFL, NHL, WNBA, and MLB team.

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