Grading The Derrick Rose Trade

Knicks side of the trade: B

The Knicks and Pistons finalized a trade over the weekend that would send former MVP Derrick Rose to the Knicks. This will be the second time for him playing for the Knicks in his storied career. The Knicks and the Pistons are far from title contention, but both seem to be moving in opposite directions based on production this year. At this point in his career, Rose will be the perfect veteran to help mentor and develop the young and talented group of players on the Knicks. Since the Pistons seem to be cleaning house anyways, this was a no brainer opportunity for the Knicks to take advantage.

The Knicks also got rid of Dennis Smith Jr and a second round pick in order to get Rose. Although this may seem like a decently heavy price for a 32 year old point guard, they should be happy with the return they got. This deal received a “B” grade on the Knicks side because of mainly what they gave up. They clearly need some veteran presence in a very young locker room, so it makes perfect sense why they would go after someone like Rose. After all, he is once again reunited with heads coach Tom Thibodeau. An amazing fact is that Rose has played on every single one of the teams Thibodeau has coached. They will obviously have plenty of experience playing and coaching each other.

Pistons side of trade: A-

The Pistons were expected to clean house this past offseason, and even during this current regular season. The only clear veterans they had left on the roster was Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin. Letting go of Derrick Rose made perfect sense for this team. They are going in opposite directions and one has their eyes set on the draft lottery next fall. Rose doesn’t have too many years left in this league, so it’s only right to put him in a position that he wants to be in. Rose is now back with his old coach and is most likely in a more confutable situation. The Pistons are getting a second round pick that they will use in this upcoming draft. They will have a good future that they can start setting up, with a young roster and draft picks.

Detroit is also receiving Dennis Smith Jr in this trade. He has had a very up and down career so far. He was originally drafted by the Mavericks and was eventually traded to the Knicks. He has yet to really make an impact on this league despite being a highly talented player. Smith was a first round pick after all, so the talent should still be there. There shouldn’t be any reason to believe that he has already hit a ceiling at the age of 23. The Pistons won this trade because of the return they got for a 32 year old point guard. Even if Denis Smith Jr doesn’t work out long term in Detroit, they have the draft picks to get someone like him. They have an entire world of options right now and are moving in the right direction.