Green Bay Packers Day Two And Day Three Mock Draft

Round 2, Pick 62: Spencer Brown -OT- Northern Iowa

This is a gutey special pick. A young athletic freak, who still has some rawness to him. He could be the right tackle of the future. Even with Bahktiari’s injury, he would probably spend his rookie year as a swing tackle while he learns the NFL game and continues to put on weight/strength.

Round 3, Pick 82 (traded pick 92 and pick 142 for pick 82): Nico Collins -WR- Michigan

There was a run on wide receivers and I feel the Packers will move up at some point in day two. Another Gutey/LaFleur pick; a big, tall, and fast receiver. He was held back by Michigans offense and back QB play. He sat out 2020, so he still needs some work. He’ll probably the #3/#4 receiver as a rookie.

Round 4, Pick 135: Shaun Wade -S- Ohio State

We all know Wade had a bad 2020 season when he switched outside. He’s also still young and a really good athlete. This allows the Packers to bring him along slowly. He can go back to the slot where he played so well in 2019. He can play the starring role in Barry’s defense which is like a slot, but he can also play some safety as well. He would play on special teams a lot and get some occasional snaps at that star spot.

Round 5, Pick 173: Robert Hainsey -OG- Notre Dame

Hainsey was an OT at Notre Dame but will have to move inside to guard. He’s still a really good athlete. He would provide depth on the interior that’s been hit in free agency and also a little at right tackle.

Round 5, Pick 178: Janarius Robinson -EDGE- Florida State

Depth at the edge he’s big, long, and strong so he fits the defense. With Preston probably being gone next offseason, they will need depth on the edge.

Round 6, Pick 214: Chris Evans -RB- Michigan

Another gutey special. He’s a really good athlete who got buried by a bad coaching staff. He would fit really well as a 3rd back. He can do a little of everything.

Round 6, Pick 220: Nick Niemann -LB- Iowa

Another real good athlete who has some upside. He would definitely help a lot on special teams and could develop into a #2 ILB.

Round 7, Pick 256: Brenden Jaimes -OT- Nebraska

Similar to Hainsey, but the opposite. He could add depth at OT, but could also learn and help at guard. Even with Brown, the Packers still need some more depth at OT. Another good athlete.