Green Bay Packers Seven Round Mock Draft 1.0

Just to let you all know when I do my mock drafts, I do not do them as what I think the Packers should do, or draft players that I want the Packers to draft. I do them to try to get as close to what I think they will do as I can. So, I draft players that fit their profile. Height, weight, RAS, scheme fit, etc…

I used Pro Football Networks Mock Draft Simulator. I did trade down a couple of times. I traded down from 92 to 94 in the 3rd round and got #137 in the 4th back.

Round 1, Pick 29: Alex Leatherwood -OT- Alabama

Leatherwood is one of two players who I feel will end up being the Packers pick if they stay at 29. It will be either him or Samuel Cosmi. I went with Leatherwood since he brings a little more in the way of versatility; he can play tackle or guard. He fits GB athletically (9.69 RAS), and he went to a Power 5 program and is still young with a lot of upsides.

GB would start him out at right tackle and maybe move him inside when Bakhtiari is healthy and slide Turner over to right tackle. With the play to then move him back out to right tackle next season. Or they could keep him at right tackle and toss Turner in at right guard.

Round 2, Pick 64: Daviyon Nixon -DT- Iowa

Nixon is not a perfect fit next to Kenny Clark since they have some similarities in skills, but his ability to get skinny and penetrate the backfield, and make plays would help free up Clark as well because teams will have to pick their poison with which guy to double, thus leaving one of them one on one with a blocker.

Nixon still needs work on getting better at getting off blocks and just being a better run defender in general. He is a better version of Kingsley Keke. He would probably move into the starting lineup at some point in his rookie year if not year two.

Round 3, Pick 94: Ambry Thomas -CB- Michigan

He’s one of my favorite ‘looks like a Packer’ players in this draft. Thomas is similar to Leatherwood. He’s athletic (8.97 RAS), has good size, good explosive testing numbers, versatile, and played in a Power 5 conference. He can play outside, inside/slot, a little safety, and return kicks and be a gunner on coverage teams. He is still a little raw only having started one season, but he would push Sullivan for the Nickel spot as a rookie and could grow into a starter opposite Jaire in a year.

Round 4, Pick 135: Rodarius Williams -CB- Oklahoma State

Williams is a steady eddy type pick. His upside is limited. He is a good athlete though (8.14 RAS). Similar size to Ambry. He will be 25 in September though. It leaves you wondering if he has any more upside. The Packers have taken 25-year-old cornerbacks before, so I don’t think it takes him off their board. He would probably compete to be the dime back and definitely play special teams.

Round 4, Pick 137: Jermar Jefferson -RB- Oregon State

Jefferson is a sneaky fit for the Packers. He tested really bad athletically; a 2.28 RAS. But if you watch him on film, he plays a lot more athletic than that. I wouldn’t say he plays like an 8+ RAS guy but a solid 6-6.5.

Running back is one of the positions though that the Packers have taken lower RAS guys. Plus, Gutey seems to take one sub-RAS guy a draft class. Jefferson has the skills to develop into a good #2 back.

Round 4, Pick 142: Josh Imatorbhebhe -WR- Illinois

Josh is another ‘looks like a Packer’ type guy. He’s big 6’1 218 and has a 46.5 vertical. He also ran a decent 4.5. He’s a good vertical threat but was held back a little by questionable quarterback play. He has the #2 receiver upside if he can just work on his routes and be a better overall receiver. He would probably be the 2nd most physically talented receiver on the roster after MVS. He would probably end up as the #4/#5 receiver as a rookie.

Round 5, Pick 173: Derrick Barnes -LB- Purdue

There are not a lot of linebackers in this draft that fit the Packers profile, which is kind of odd since they don’t have too specific of one. They like guys that are 6’0+ 235ish+ and at least have average agility testing scores. There are a lot of guys who are under the 235 weight or they are just bad agility testers.

I don’t think the Packers view linebacker as a big as to need as most in the media do. They like Martin and Krys Barnes. Derrick adds competition and should at the very least develop into a good #3 but has the potential to be a starter down the line. He has an 8.42 RAS score and would fit with the Packers pretty well.

Round 5, Pick 178: William Bradley-King -EDGE- Baylor

I’ll say it again. ‘Looks like a Packer’. He’s long, athletic (9.18 RAS), and can play on the line. His frame looks like it could still add even more weight. He can get after the passer. He could ‘sit’ for a year as the #4 edge and take over for Preston as the #3 guy in year two.

Round 5, Pick 184: Robert Hainsey -OG- Notre Dame

Another Packers special. He played OT in college but will need to move inside. There’s talk he could even play some center. For a guard, he’s very athletic (9.37 RAS as a guard). He would add depth to the interior which is hurting a bit now with Linsley and Taylor both gone and either Jenkins or Patrick moving to the center. He should be a solid backup but could develop into a starter.

Round 6, Pick 214: Jimmy Morrissey -OC- Pittsburgh

Another ‘feels like a Packer’ He’s like a more athletic version of Scott Wells. An elite athlete(9.13 RAS), but a bit undersized at 6’3, 303. His 40 times aren’t great, but the Packers don’t prioritize that; agility numbers are king with GB. He is probably a better fit for the offense than Hanson. Another late offensive lineman that could develop into a starter for the Packers in a year or two.

Round 6, Pick 220: Israel Mukuamu -S- South Carolina

He mostly played CB in college, but I think he could be a safety for GB and could fill in that #3 safety spot with some development and slide over to CB in a pinch. He could play some free safety while Savage roams around in the robber role. He would also play special teams.

Round 7, Pick 256: Mike Strachan -WR- Charleston

Upside pick basically. The best athlete left on the board. He’s 6’5, 226. similar build to Jeff Janis without the sub 4.4 speed. Great RAS score(9.22). He could learn to play the big slot role in GB. He’s all potential. Low floor, high Ceiling. He could be a really good special teamer.

There you have it. My ‘Looks like a Packer’ mock draft. Let me know what you guys think.