Houston Astros: One Last Ride?

Houston Astros: One Last Ride?

As of right now, Sunday night, October 3rd, the regular season of major league baseball has concluded. Now, the focus shifts towards free agency preparations for some and a championship pursuit for others. One of those teams, in particular, is the Houston Astros. And, it’s safe to say this postseason run may be the biggest; and, it may be its last.

Stars Come & Stars Go

For the last few years, the Houston Astros have been a perennial powerhouse that could very well be a postseason write-in since ’16-’17. This is in large part due to a superstar-filled roster from top to bottom throughout. Guys like Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Michael Brantley, Justin Verlander are still part of the picture, but with other stars like George Springer and Gerrit Cole, apart from some of the fun, it’s safe to see the reasons for the Astros success. Now, another key contributor could very well be in a different uniform by the start of next season. Carlos Correa.

Well He DID Start It All

This is when it gets tricky. Correa is the franchise, and I don’t care what anyone else says. Yes, Altuve can also be considered “Mr. Astro,” but Correa was the sign of things to come, as all Astro fans can recall. We’d been in the midst of three consecutive 100 loss seasons, had pretty much no hope besides the likes of Altuve, and were in the midst of a full-scale rebuild. Then we drafted a young, toolsy shortstop out of Puerto Rico, and the rest was history. Correa became the A.L. rookie of the year, has been an All-Star, has won a ring, and set many all-time ‘Stros records along the way. And now he wants his money.

The Present Versus The Future

Hint’s on the “Tough” part. Springer wanted money, and look where he’s at. Cole wanted money, and now look where he’s at. So, what’s going to be different about Correa? Maybe the fact that he was the future and has already brought valuable memories to the Astros organization in such a short time might open owner Jim Cranes pocketbook. Then again, by how much? We already offered five for $125 in which he declined for a more extended contract. Which he deserves, don’t get me wrong, but what about the big picture? Eventually, guys like Kyle Tucker and Yordan Alvarez are going to want to get paid as well.

Why’s THIS One So Important?

That’s what makes this run just as crucial as any run over the last five or so years. Yes, we won a World Series in 2017. Yes, we had been to another one in 2019, which we should’ve won as well. And yes, we’ve made countless championship appearances in between. The difference, though, is roster future. Springer and Cole have been gone due to financial issues, and Correa seeking that money type as well could pose a massive hole for the Astros to fill. Plus, with future decisions on Verlander and Zack Greinke in the rotation, the future of this organization could be completely different within the next year or two.

So, Astros fans embrace this. It’s been one wild ride over these last five years. The ride begins against the White Sox. Let’s go ‘Stros!

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