Houston Texans: The Davis Mills Era Begins

Houston Texans: The Davis Mills Era Begins

Heading into the game on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, I didn’t feel too optimistic for the Texans to come out with a victory. Yes, we had won against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week One in a pretty decisive fashion. But, look at how they played against the Denver Broncos this week. They really might be that bad.

Plus, Cleveland, besides facing the best quarterback in the league in Patrick Mahomes, had pretty much dominated the Kansas City Chiefs all game before Bakers’ costly interception. Putting all of this together, and with Tyrod Taylor’s severe hamstring strain, it’s no surprise the Texans lost the game. On the bright side, we got the chance to see third-round draft pick Davis Mills’ potential.

Well… This Is Bad

At first, it wasn’t good at all and it was obvious the Texans don’t have any trust in him. As evidence by the continuous attempts of Mark Ingram’s runs, and even when he did throw it. It wasn’t pretty, highlighted by an interception, easy rookie mistakes made by throwing fastballs instead of changeups, and just no chemistry with the receivers whatsoever. And I get it. In-season preparation for games is different from training camps so Davis Mills takes the “Mental reps.” He wasn’t ready for game action.

Wait A Minute; We Might Have Something Here

Then, he loosened up. I don’t know if it was due to the bomb to Brandin Cooks or the slow but sure success of the run game that allowed some success off-play action. Both seemed to help on a touchdown drive, which amassed over eight minutes of the clock in fifteen plays.

Just Be Davis

All in all, it wasn’t pretty. The Texans weren’t ready for him. He wasn’t ready for them; and, it all showed. In the end, he opened up, started making good quick choices, and taking what the defense was giving him.

We don’t need him to be Deshaun. We need him to be Davis. This Thursday against the Panthers is going to be a real test to see exactly who Davis is.

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