How Did The Tennessee Titans Do In The 2021 NFL Draft?

Here are your ratings for the Titans 2021 NFL Draft Rounds one through seven:

Round 1: Caleb Farley | A+

The Titans selected Farley, CB, VT in the first round of the draft. This could either be the biggest bust or steal of the draft. Farley had a great college year in 2019. He was projected to be a top ten pick. Then, the injury came and Farley had two back surgeries. That dropped him the be a projected second-round pick, at BEST. The Titans are taking the risk of him being a bust. He can either be an A- pick or an F.

Round 2: Dillon Radunz | B

Radunz, offensive tackle, out of North Dakota State was taken with the 53rd overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. Radunz is a somewhat needed position on the Titans. He isn’t a horrible pick, but not second-round worthy. The Titans didn’t care about what they were worth, they are worried about their positional needs and are filling those needs. | B

Round 3. Monty Rice | B-

Rice, linebacker, Georgia. 93rd overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. This could be a decent pick for the Titans, but he probably won’t see the field too much in his rookie year. The Titans already have Harold Landy, Jayon Brown, and Bud Dupree.

If J. Brown leaves the Titans next season, he could very much be named a starter. This just makes the Titans have an even better LB Core. This could be a great draft pick. | B-

Round 3. Elijah Molden | B+ | (Compensatory Selection)

Molden may be the other biggest steal if Farley stays healthy. Speaking of Farley, he ran a 4.28 40 yard dash! Crazy! Molden is no doubt going to be a starting cornerback as the Titans don’t have too many good ones until this season.
He is a pretty good slot cornerback, which is something the Titans were out to look for. They hopefully found their guy in Elijah Molden. | B+

Round 4 – Pick 4. Dez Fitzpatrick | C

Dez Fitzpatrick has potential. He has some great size and speed. He is definitely quick for his size as he ran a 4.42. He stands at 6’2″, and weighs 210 pounds. He also has some decent hands. He is lucky to be WR #3 if the rumor is true that most Titans fans believe.

The rumors have come out that the Titans are making a push for Julio Jones. If Julio is traded, he would be traded on June 1st, 2021. The Titans needed a WR, and two players (AJ Brown and Taylor Lewan) were asking for a WR in the first round. AJ Brown was trying to convince the Titans to get Elijah Moore, which the Titans passed on in the first round. Then, the Titans started to make cap space (some believe it is for Julio). So, if they became a Titan, D. Fitzpatrick would have a low chance to even be WR #3 on the roster.

Most likely #4, and it would look like this.

  1. Julio Jones
  2. AJ Brown, or the other way around
  3. Josh Reynolds
  4. Dez Fitzpatrick

He could or could not be a good pick.

Round 4 – Pick 30. Rashad Weaver | B+

Rashad Weaver was a decent pick! Another pick that is filling the Titans’ needed position, and he isn’t a bad player. He is good at getting pressure to the QB. QB Pressure is something the Titans didn’t have almost any of in 2020.

They also brought in Bud Dupree in the offseason. Dupree can get pressure on the QB; he is very good at it. The Titans are really upping the defensive game.

Round 6 – Racey McMath | D-

McMath is not a very good wide receiver. There is a reason he only had a career total of 500 yards in college. McMath doesn’t have a lot to say about him other than he isn’t a very good WR. He could definitely improve his catching and route running.

That is all you could really say about McMath. He is probably going to be a backup wide receiver for the Titans in the 2021-22 NFL Season.

Round 6 – Pick 31. Brady Breeze | B+

Honestly, Breeze could be a good pick for a 6th rounder. Maybe not Tom Brady good, no doubt the best 6th rounder ever. But he could definitely be a good pick.

Breeze didn’t have great stats, because of how good his coverage was. He never got INTs since the ball didn’t get thrown to him.

He had an average amount of tackles, though. Breeze could definitely be Kevin Byard’s replacement for when he leaves the Titans; or, just need to take a breather during a game.

Overall Draft Grade : B-

Overall, the Titans had a pretty good draft. They filled the needed positions and brought in a few good FA Players; this could make the team even better. They were a pretty good team, and especially if the Titans get Julio Jones, they can be a very strong team coming into the 2021 NFL Season. I mean imagine having Julio, AJ Brown, Reynolds, Henry, Tannehill, Byard, Farley, Brady Breeze, Jayon Brown, Bud Dupree, Denico Autry, and a top seven or so offensive line!

That is a stacked team. Maybe super bowl contenders. Guess we will find out if they get Julio! But besides that, they really had a good draft. Most Titans fans on social media seem happy with the outcome, too.