How Does The Buffalo Bills Defeat The Kansas City Chiefs?

The Buffalo Bills are about to play in the biggest game in almost 30 years. They are going to take on the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, in the AFC Championship. The Bills are going into the game as 3.5-point underdogs. How with the Bills be able to knock off the champs and punch their ticket to the Super Bowl?

I didn’t want to go with the John Madden classic score more points than the other team’s opinion.

During the season the Chiefs went 14-2 and one of the losses was Week 17 when they rested their starters. Let’s through that out the window, but let’s go back to Week 5 when the Las Vegas Raiders were able to chop down the Chiefs.

Control the line of scrimmage

The Raiders were able to able to establish the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, especially the offensive line. Defensively, I thought they probably got the better of us in the first half, and then in the third quarter, we did a good job stepping up. We have to put something together offensively to keep the defense balanced and off the field.

-Andy Reid

The Bills defense was able to control the line of scrimmage against the number one rush team in the NFL last week in the Baltimore Ravens. They were able to create negative plays on first down, which limited the Ravens, creating negative plays against the Chiefs on first down will not impact the Chiefs like it did the Ravens. They have an advanced offense in passing.

These Bills will need to create pressure and keep Patrick Mahomes from creating or extending plays with his legs. They will need to do this with some delayed blitzes, which worked well last week; but, the front four will be key in this match-up.

For the Bills on offense, they will need to keep Josh Allen clean. For the most part in the second half of the regular season and the first two games of the playoffs, they have been able to do that. The Bills offense will have to find something in this game. Last game against the Ravens, the Bills had only two rushes in the first half. Yes, I understand the Bills live and die with Allen, but to take some pressure off a couple more runs could help.

Explosive plays

When you hear someone say a team was able to establish the line of scrimmage on offense your mind goes to, “they must have run the ball all day,” but that was not the case. The Raiders had a good day running the ball but were able to hit big plays in the passing game. The line gave Derek Carr time to hit rookie Henry Ruggs III on two big plays. That opened the defense of the underneath pass game of the Raiders.

We all know Allen was able to improve on his completion percentage by improving his short to intermediate routes, but Allen loves to take shots. Against the Ravens, he tried the long ball to Stefon Diggs, John Brown, and Gabriel Davis on separate occasions. Unfortunately, without any luck, the wind did impact that. If the Bills are looking to upset the Chiefs, he will need to connect on some of these.

I also understand that the Chiefs beat the Bills back in week six, but the Bills are on a different level now. They have the offense to keep up with the Chiefs, and last week, we saw the defense is ready to step up and take care of business. #BillsMafia