How Mahomes And The Chiefs Offense Can Tear Up The Bills’ Secondary

How Mahomes And The Chiefs Offense Can Tear Up The Bills’ Secondary

It seems as though that Mahomes is continuing to prove why he is one of the most lethal QBs in the NFL. Despite the Chiefs’ 2-2 start, he has been one of the stars of this team, and rightfully so. He is ranked first in TD passes (14), first in first-downs thrown for (77), and second in adjusted completion* percentage (83.6). On Sunday night, he will be taking on the Buffalo Bills in Arrowhead.

* Adjusted Completion Percentage = (Completions + Drops) / (Pass Attempts – Spikes – Throwaways – Batted Balls – Balls disrupted by a QB hit)

The Bills have a pass defense not to be taken so lightly. As of Week Four, they are ranked first in pass yards allowed per game (148.8), third in completions allowed per game (17), second in completion percentage allowed per game (56.2), and ranked first in average QB rating allowed (56.1). While they have faced somewhat weak talent, they are still a secondary that the Chiefs should look out for. Tre’Davious White leads them in the CB room while Micha Hyde does in the Safety room. These are two players who shouldn’t be looked at the other way.

However, Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense will find a way to tear through their secondary. Here’s how I see them doing it:

Create One On One Opportunities for Hill, Kelce, and Gordon

The Bills cant cover everyone; that has been understood by almost anyone facing the Chiefs’ offense. From Travis Kelce to Tyreek Hill, you can’t take your eyes off of anyone, even backups like Byron Pringle and Jody Fortson. With the addition of Josh Gordon, keeping track of the offense became ten times harder. This will be able to create loads of one-on-one opportunities.

The Bills will double one or two of the Chiefs’ key receivers per pass play, leaving one either wide open or in a one-on-one situation. We all know Hill thrives with these as he kills with his speed, and Kelce can dominate with his strength and elite route running; plus, Kelce is big-bodied and hard to cover.

Gordon has shown to be capable of this in the past; however, the last time he stepped on a field was in 2019, so how he will do one-on-one is TBA. Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs’ Offensive Coordinator, has stated that Mahomes and Gordon have clicked from day one. If Kelce and Hill are both doubled, Gordon will likely get the opportunity to shine and prove that he still has it. Moreover, if the opportunity is in the redzone, he might see him thrive there.

Utilize Helaire In The Passing Game

With Hill, Kelce, and Gordon existing on the same offense, it’s only fair to say Clyde Edwards-Healire will have plenty of chances to get open in the passing game. He has seven receptions for 50 yards with two scores, averaging 7.1 yards per reception.

He possesses excellent skills in the short passing game, showing good route running and good hands. Helaire can run many routes; as shown on film, Reid likes to utilize him on swing and shoot routes. He can even get upfield on V and Stab/Stop routes too. Moreover, he also has solid YAC abilities with his strength and athletic ability; he can juke or bulldoze over a defender when the opportunity shows itself.

The offense will open for him if the Bills focus on the other three critical components of the Chiefs’ offense. Once the Bills place a DB on him, it can open up opportunities for either Hill, Kelce, or Gordon to work off of. Simple dump-offs can turn into significant gains and first downs with the abilities listed above.

Stack-Em, And Let It Rain

When I say stack, I mean bunching WRs/TEs together to confuse the secondary. One stack I’d like to see go deep is Hill and Hardman. They are the fastest players on the Chiefs’ roster, so I could see something working by sending them on a fly (straight line) route and then having the outside guy cut in and the inside cut out at that same time. Safeties and corners could trip up in coverage, leaving either of them open. Everyone trusts Hill more than Hardman, but if Hardman is open, I’d take the chance and let it fly. I can also see a Hill-Kelce-Gordon stack working in the Chiefs’ favor.

There are a lot of combos to choose from. Mahomes can sling it to pretty much anyone, but how the stack flows is how they could shine. As stated before, the Bills can’t cover/double everyone. The Chiefs’ receiving core will find ways to get open; they are in the NFL for a reason. Their offense is potent; let’s hope it stays that way against the Bills.

How do you think Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense will perform against an impressive Bills’ secondary? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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