How Much Does The NFL Need To Lose To Step In On Deshaun Watson?

We have to be abundantly clear here to start this conversation: The NFL should already have stepped in on the Deshaun Watson situation. Watson should be on the Commisioner’s Exempt List, Watson should be under investigation by the league, with interviews happening with every past and present Houston Texans executive, trainer, staff member and personnel that could have had any contact with Deshaun Watson. At this point, two dozen women have come forward accusing Deshaun Watson, and if he is guilty in even half of those cases, he is a dangerous sexual predator, and there is no way that never effected a single NFL employee.

We also want to be very clear and honest here: Deshaun Watson is not yet guilty. Currently Watson only stands accused, and there will not be any evidence to claim him innocent/guilty until those lawsuits make it to court, which could take years. As a matter of fact, if these are false claims, and Watson and his attorney’s claims about the opposition are true, that is likely the point, because it puts unbelievable pressure on Watson to settle, which he claims he will not do.

If these are baseless allegations that are being made for the purpose of extortion, then we could see them be dropped by the end of the summer, or potentially see a judge throw them out in early fall. However, if they have merit (or the opposition council is stubborn), this will be going on long past the beginning of the 2021 season, and maybe still going at the beginning of the 2022 season.

However, sadly, context and patience are not applicable to the court of public opinion, and as far as that court is concerned, Watson is already guilty.

The discourse surrounding Deshaun Watson’s sexual assault allegations has officially turned. Where the conversation was originally reluctant and cautious for details, 22 allegations have turned that conversation into pain and a inability to keep defending Watson. Every single new allegation is met with a storm of tweets and hit pieces demanding the NFL and Houston Texans step in and do anything. If watching what shady journalists and activists have done to Youtube the last few years has taught us anything, we know what the next step is going to be.

The next step is the shady journalists are going to start reaching out to the NFL and Texans’ sponsors, pointing out that their logos and company’s image are in pictures with Deshaun Watson, a man being investigated for sexual misconduct. These companies have bottom lines to uphold, and hit pieces hurt that bottom line, so they are going to start threatening to pull, and pulling their sponsorships from the team and the league until it takes action n Deshaun Watson.

Author’s Note: I can not prove this so it is going in a side note, but I believe this would cause a huge snowball of all advertisers doing the same thing until the NFL purges the league of player’s with questionable pasts. When this happens, context stops mattering, all that will matter is what people think they know about players. This overall will cost the NFL money and then cause them to have just as over-dramatic response.

When this next step starts happening, and the advertisers start jumping ship, the NFL will start losing money and that is not good for a company that has already lost a ton of money this year. The NFL can look forward and see this coming, and if they are smart, they need to get involved now.

The NFL has to be pre-emptive on this situation, because their failure to prepare for Coronavirus is already costing the teams millions. The signs are they and they have to do, literally anything to stop the doomsday that is coming.

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