How-To: Article Posting

As a site contributor, your primary role is to write sports related articles. That can be anything from sports news, opinions, analysis, and critique of any sport: Football, basketball, baseball, E-sports, wrestling, and everything in between.This content is what makes Border Fuel Sports what it is, and we are proud to boast and build on every single unique voice on our team.

You are the site! Your content is what brings people to the site, and for that reason, we want to help empower and guide you on how to perform the core part of your job.

Understanding your workspace

Most of the work you do and information you need can be accessed from This is your workspace, where you can access view counts, see and reply to comments all on one scene, adjust your profile, view your past articles, and write new ones. Each of these options are clearly marked and easy to navigate, and moving forward we will only make things easier and better.

Post screen:

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View Screen:

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Comment screen:

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WordPress and You

The most important of the above screens is, of course, the post screen. This is where you can see all of the past content that you have put out, organized for your convenience. The “New Post” button is also available on this screen.

When launching a new post, you will be presented with the somewhat intimidating and overwhelming WordPress writing template.

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This is the canvas in which you can put your writing masterpiece!

The template uses the same shortcuts as Microsoft Word (Ctrl-I for italics, Ctrl-B for bold, etc.) and what you can not do with shortcuts, you can do with the options menu on the right side of the screen or toolbox that hovers above the block you are working on. You have the ability to change font size in the “Typography” window (Titles are “Large”, subtitles can be large or bold medium, and text is the default option, which is just small). For hyperlinks (Linking to other web pages), click the (-) symbol in the hovering toolbox.

In the top right corner, you will see the two most important buttons: the “Save Draft” button that does exactly what it says it does, and the “Publish/Submit” button, that submits your finished work to the editors for review, editing, and scheduling. When you finish your piece and hit submit/publish, a new menu will appear in place of the block menu on the right with new options, including the ability to add tags. Make sure to add as many relevant tags as possible.

Becoming an author

First thing you should do is set your title. Some titles maybe chosen by your content leads, some maybe obvious, and some may come down to your own decisions, but just know that this is maybe the most important part of your article. This is the first thing that potential readers see of your article and as little as a single word choice could be the difference between clicks and irrelevance. This does not mean that you should resort to clickbait (As a matter of fact, clickbait titles will be immediately changed/deleted) but instead use captivating and interesting titles that will grab potential readers attention.

We use sentence case titles (Do not capitalize any non-proper-noun outside of the first word) and prefer longer, more specific titles over short, broad titles.

I highly recommend when making your title that you use Google Trends to find how to best maximize SEO and capture attention with your title. A great rule of thumb to know is that specific player names tend to capture attention better, especially in fan circles for the respective player’s team.

After your title is set up, it is time to write the article. This is your spot to shine, your spot to say what you want to say and back it up with the evidence you have. The people who are looking at your article chose to get there, they did not accidentally trip, click on an article, and ironically choose to read your piece. They have already chosen you and want to hear what you have to say.

We prefer articles stay under 1500 words, although in rare occasions, with permission from the leadership team, this could be worked around. Other then that, this is the space for you to be creative and unique. Use your voice and put your opinions out there!

Whenever you finish you article and submit it for review, make sure to stop by the “Topics” Channel in the group slack and let the editors know that your article is submitted!