How-To: Social Media Team

Some members of our team will get the opportunity to help run the “Border Fuel Sports” social media accounts. We use our accounts to try and build the brand, capitalizing on the social media’s algorithms to get exposure we would not get otherwise. Members of our social media team will be added to the “social media” where they can communicate with members of the leadership team to go over content, performance, schedules, and strategies.

What to Post

First and foremost, we want our socials to bring people to the Border Fuel Sports site, so our primary focus is going to be our articles. When articles are made public, they are automatically shared to our Twitter and Facebook accounts with the excerpt or comment set by the editors/writers. These mostly post in the morning, so it means that the social media team’s main focus will be content for the afternoon.

One way that we make content is by live tweeting highlights of sporting events. We like to have a schedule set up for this so that when an event is happening, there is a team member on the lookout for highlights and opportunities to post them.

Whenever it is your turn to post highlights, here is how you do it:

  1. Keep an eye out on Twitter for videos of the highlight
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2. Click on the video to open the Twitter video player

3. Click the options button and select download

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4. Once it downloads, tweet out the highlight with a caption. This caption can be insightful, funny, or even just reactionary. Make sure to add the teams’ hashtags at the end of the tweet for more exposure!

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If you are talented with photo editing and making memes, you can also post relevant memes. We do ask that if you do this, please share the image in the “Social Media” Slack Chanel first and get the approval of someone from the leadership team.

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Of course, use common sense when posting and coming up with captions. Do not tag players or team accounts, be positive for the most part, understanding you are representing the brand when you tweet.

Besides the highlights and memes, you can also choose to tweet our relevant and interesting statistics. If someone has broken a record or is having an impressive performance, people like to be informed and share the stats, so getting it out is a great way to get exposure.