Introducing Border Fuel – True And Fearless Journalism

Hello all and welcome to Border Fuel. My name is Keaton Henry and I am the founder and Director of Operations for Border Fuel.

In this column, I will take you through the focus and evolution of Border Fuel and what content we aim to bring to sports enthusiasts every day.

Why the name “Border Fuel”?

Names are meant to have a meaning and make people think about what it means or at least want to find out the answer. We believe that “Border Fuel” is something that people will remember. As a brand, our focus is to be strong and bold. Fearless of what one person might say, because in the background there will be many that stand up with you.

The focus of the brand

We are here to fight for the right to stand up for what we believe, the opinions we have. Too many networks crunch down on what their staffers believe and tell them what the narrative should be. While we won’t promote violence or inappropriate attacks directed at people, we want every single one of our writers’ voices to be heard here.

We have an opportunity to stand out beyond the borders of standard sports media and turn the table on the narrative that sportswriters just need to “report the news”. Time to bring journalism back like wildfire.

Content overview

At Border Fuel, we will push to discuss the topics that some are afraid to cover. Topics that, quite frankly, most networks steer away from because they don’t want to “rock the boat” as they say.

With this in mind, Border Fuel will provide daily original columns by fantastic writers and editors, as well as the Border Fuel Podcast. Attached to a strong and growing social media presence, Border Fuel is set to become a top player in the sports journalism world.

Stay tuned!

I, personally, would like to thank each and every one of you for visiting Border Fuel. Our full site and content debuts on Monday, August 31st, so please tune back then for awesome sports columns!