Introducing The 2021 NBA Hall Of Fame Class

Recently, the 2021 NBA Hall of Fame class of 2021 was announced at a special ceremony in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. This year’s honorees include 16 former coaches, contributors, and players who all made tremendous impacts on the NBA. On September 11th, 2021, the newest honorees will be enshrined forever as basketball royalty. This is the first time the NBA has inducted two classes into the Hall in the same calendar year in its history.

Following a year in which the likes of players such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and Tim Duncan were inducted, the NBA is entering an exciting area where the inductees each year will have been watched by the next generation of fans in their youth. I remember watching Kobe, KG, and Tim when I was first growing up watching the NBA, so it is exciting to see them get to be recognized as the legends I knew them to be.

This year’s Hall of Fame class is no different. Growing up, I watched Chris Bosh destroy teams with Lebron and D Wade by his side. Paul Pierce was the definition of a Boston Celtic, and many still think of either him or Larry Bird when they think of Boston.

Now, I have the honor to introduce the 2021 NBA Hall of Fame Class.

The Class of 2021

This year’s Hall of Fame class includes Rick Adelman (coach), Ben Wallace (player), Paul Pierce (player), Chris Bosh (player), Bill Russell (coach), Yolanda Griffith (player), Jay Wright (coach), Chris Webber (player), Lauren Jackson (player), Val Ackerman (contributor), Cotton Fitzsimmons (contributor), Pearl Moore (player), Toni Kukoc (player), Howard Garfinkle (contributor), Bob Dandridge (player), and Clarence Jenkins (player).

Highlighted by names such as Bill Russell and Paul Pierce, the Class of 2021 includes some big names in the world of basketball. Many fans are delighted to hear that players such as Chris Webber and Ben Wallace will finally get the recognition they have deserved for a long time.