Is AEW Giving Subtle Hints, Vicious Tease, Or Outright Catfishing Us On CM Punk?

Is AEW Giving Subtle Hints, Vicious Tease, Or Outright Catfishing Us On CM Punk?

Pushing 10 years ago, Phillip Jack Brooks, aka CM Punk, completely walked away from the WWE and Professional Wrestling. Ever since, a majority of the Pro-Wrestling world has clamored for his return, jumping feet first into every little hint of his return. Wishing to see him grace the squared circle. Suddenly and very shockingly, the internet has exploded with rumors that AEW(All Elite Wrestling) is signing him. And, with what transpired on AEW Dynamite on 7/28/21, the question has to be asked. Is AEW giving subtle hints, vicious tease or outright catfishing the wrestling world?

The Subtle Hints

Firstly, the hints were there. However, are the fans digging too deep into just coincidences? On AEW Wednesday Dynamite, 7-28-21. The new show was promoted, AEW Rampage: The First Dance August 20th in Chicago, Illinois. Which, of course, prompted the capacity crowd to chant “CM Punk!”. Because we all know that is where Punk is billed from. Then the internet went off, stating “The First Dance” means the debut of Punk in an AEW ring. Just those two was enough to set the internet off in a Punk frenzy. But wait, there is more!

Secondly, many fans say they caught MJF’s reference to Punk’s infamous “Pipe Bomb” promo from June 27th, 2011. Many fans can quote that promo by heart. And, belief without a doubt is spreading wildly across the internet. I remember the “pipe bomb” promo. But I can’t quote it to you.

Consequently, I even read a comment that someone swears they heard the static at the end of MJF’s promo, the static from the beginning of Cult of Personality by Living Color. Which was Punk’s entrance music for a majority of his time in the WWE. Now, I have not been able to find anything to back this up. So, a quick hint from AEW or wishful thinking from a superfan?

Many fans have claimed through the night, many of the wrestlers had used moves in combinations that they normally have not until last night. Nick Jackson hit a high knee in the corner into a bulldog during the night’s opening match, one of CM Punk’s signature maneuvers. And, many, many more continued as the night went on.

The Vicious Tease

Many are taking this as an outright challenge from Darby Allin!

“I’ll be in Chicago. You know, I’ve been around a lot of men in this world that have laid claim to how they’re the greatest. There is only one place to really prove that — right here, in AEW. Even, if you think you are the best in the world.”

CM Punk vs. Darby Allin, Just the simple thought of that match, has many fans “Marking Out” to me. This is the vicious tease. I feel many fans, myself included, hold Darby Allin in high regard in AEW. And for him to make that an almost open challenge for AEW Rampage in Chicago, use the specific words “Best in the World” I think every wrestling fan took the bait. And again caused the internet to explode Wednesday night.

Outright Catfishing

We all know what to Catfish someone means. And this very well might be what AEW is doing. Throwing out all of these hints to get the views. And, to clarify, I do not doubt that it worked. I personally have not seen the ratings for 7-28-21, Wednesday Night Dynamite at the time of this writing.

However, I am sure by the end of the show—the MJF “pipe bomb” reference. The ratings should have been huge. Now, moving forward. Fans will anxiously tune in every Wednesday to see if the hints will continue. Will They? We will have to see. Then, climaxing in Chicago on August 20th. The crowd at “Fever Pitch”. During which everyone at home will be glued to their sets.

Will he be CM Punk? Will he come out to Cult of Personality? Has time been long enough to get around the WWE’s trademark? What if he can’t use that name? Likewise, that song? Will the disappointment be that great?

Moreover, we get around different names and entrance themes with our wrestlers all the time. No worries there. Will it be the same Punk attitude? The straight-edge, “pipe bomb” dropping Punk everyone has been wanting for years. Yes, he has been seen cage fighting, some interviews, and even guest spots on WWE stuff. But will it be him in that ring after all these years?

And what if he doesn’t? What if it’s not him? What if there is no more mention at all. That is to say AEW Rampage: The First Dance in Chicago happens, and no Punk or Phillip Brooks of ANY sort? I get the feeling while writing this that it could end AEW as a whole. A majority of the audience leaves and never returns.

Could they recover? Some would stay. I would be one. But, would enough be present to allow them to get through this? Does one wrestler have that much power with the people to ruin a company. You would like to think not, but it could be possible.


Through the years, the WWE has flirted with fans about bringing him back. Especially in Chicago. But, it usually ends with Vince saying something and completely squashing the idea. However, I have never seen an organization go this strong with the hints for someone and not come through. Or did they? Did the fans see real hints, or did they run with just a few minor suggestions?

Although, at this time, nothing from either side confirms or denies the possibility of this happening. What happens if it does happen? Will this put WWE in the rearview of AEW? We know they have beaten the WWE in ratings on and off since they started.

But, would this be the one to put them over the top for good? Don’t get me wrong. WWE will still be there, still giving everybody something to watch and get mad at. However, if AEW can pull this off, in my opinion, it will put them above the WWE for the foreseeable future.

No matter what happens. It is going to be an absolute blast to see where this goes. And, have the internet up listening, reading, and watching the fanatics as this plays out.

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