Is Darby Allin The Hottest Babyface In Pro Wrestling And If So, Why?

Hey everybody, it’s Sam and I want to discuss with you, Darby Allin. Now if you aren’t into AEW pro wrestling then you may be saying…Who? But I’m sure if you are reading this article then you know exactly who I’m talking about. He’s one of, if not, the biggest babyface in wrestling today due to his hard work and the fans putting him there. Personally, I can’t wait to see him as the fans head back into the arenas.

If you have listened to my podcast (Pro Wrestling Overtime) then you know I love Darby Allin. I first saw him in 2017 on a show on Vice. It was a documentary series called “The Wrestlers.” Darby was on Episode One and what he said in that episode, I guess, intrigued me enough to start following him on the indies circuit. So when he showed up in AEW in 2019, it didn’t really surprise me. The more and more that I have learned about him has just made me want to jump on his bandwagon and try to move up to the front. 

Now, some of you may remember him from wrestling in Evolve or some of you may have seen him on the TV show “Ridiculousness” that was canceled because it got way too extreme for MTV. Darby went to college for filmmaking. He stuck with it for a while, but when the college wouldn’t allow him to be himself, to be creative, he dropped out. Darby is really into visual art, especially videos and TV, but he needs to have the freedom to pursue where he thinks it should go.

Young Wrestler

Darby Allin is a young (remember he’s only 28 years old) and up-and-coming AEW superstar. Many fans and podcasters are saying that he may be the hottest babyface right now in pro wrestling. Can you think of another one? I sure can’t. He started in professional wrestling and made his debut in 2015. He wrestled in Evolve and on the independent circuits. Darby won the AEW TNT Championship at Full Gear on November 7, 2020, five and a half years after he had started wrestling. He didn’t lose that championship for 186 days. Miro finally was the first one to beat him on May 12, 2021. I guess my question is, did the championship raise him high enough up to a level where he doesn’t need the championship anymore, or at least he doesn’t need the championship right now?

Now I think it did. Darby is completely over with the fans. He has said that he wanted to lose the championship while on top. I don’t know if you can get any more on top than what he was on May 12th. Especially after what I would call a long-term run with the championship.

Cody Rhodes

Yes, I know the very name Cody Rhodes makes some of you see red. However, you must admit he has played a huge part in Darby Allin’s AEW career so far. He took notice of Darby. Cody had talked everybody into taking a chance on a small wrestler who sometimes did risky things. Cody even took Darby Allin on in his debut at Fyter Fest to show him off in front of the fans and Tony Khan. Of course, Cody won that match, but fans started to feel for Darby’s willingness to take the pain and overcome it.

The Look vs The Reality

Think about the first time you saw Darby Allin. Really, what did you think of him? You saw him come out in a zip-up hoodie with the hood shadowing his face. As he walked his hood started pushing back and you soon realize that his face was half painted black and white. Half of Darby’s face looked like a skeleton. Then when he unzipped the hoodie and the hood completely fell off, you saw either the bleached blonde bright hair or you saw the white-blond hair.

Some kids were scared of him. Some parents didn’t know what to think of him. The more and more they saw and heard about what he stood for, then the more they loved him. A lot of people after seeing him thought he was a street punk hoodlum or a mini underrated Sting wannabe. But no, Darby showed everyone by wrestling his style…his completely different wrestling style of using his body as a weapon and that he was different. Darby doesn’t have any regard whatsoever for his body.

The Wreck

Darby has explained this many times and I’m sure most of you have already heard the story that his no regard for his body comes from a traumatic car wreck that he experienced when he was about five years old. Darby was riding with one of his favorite uncles in a car and the uncle happened to be drunk and wrecked. He didn’t survive that wreck, but Darby did. He had to deal with the guilt that no five-year-old child should ever have to deal with. The guilt of “I probably shouldn’t be here anymore.” Or “why am I still alive and my uncles not?” Or, “If I’m alive then why couldn’t my uncle survive? Is there something I could have done to keep him alive?” 

The Darby of today thinks that yeah, I definitely could be dead right now. So that’s why he wears the make-up the way he does on his face. It shows a half-dead Darby Allin. One half shows him as the skeleton that he could have become at five years old. The other half shows the Darby that is here today. 

Many fans could tell a lot of things about Darby if they just read his tattoos. Like the word “Relentless” he has tattooed and the word “Champ” is tattooed on the inside of his lip. If you are lucky and you get him to hold his hands up to you and curl them up into fists then you’ll read “Drug-Free” on his knuckles. You might even get close enough to read the one that says “Nothing’s over until you’re underground.” 

Straight Edge

So many fans out there the first time they see him think “he’s drug-free? You’ve got to be kidding. Someone has to be on drugs to jump off a 20-foot lighting pole backward while not looking to do his coffin drop.” Well no, it’s widely known throughout the pro wrestling business that Darby Allen is straight edge. Any kids that are reading this you know what that means, but for all you, old-timers out there, straight edge means he doesn’t drink and doesn’t do drugs. 

Darby has even talked about in different forums that he always listened to the DARE Police Officers when he was in school. He found them quite boring and he couldn’t believe them. However, he says, I want kids to be able to ask me things. I want them to know that I’m straight edge and I live my life to the fullest. So he wants people to be able to look up to him because if there’s anything Darby Allin does then it is to live his life to the fullest. If you talk to him for one second then you know he does not take life for granted and that came from that five-year-old’s experience in the car wreck. Darby does appear to me to be an adrenaline junkie and I think you get to see that in some of the videos he still does today. 

Ethan Page and Darby Allin’s History

Earlier I mentioned the show “The Wrestlers” from 2017, there was another guy that they showed in that episode. It was Ethan “All Ego” Page. You know the same Ethan Page along with his tag team partner, Scorpio Sky, that Darby Allin and Sting will be facing on Sunday at AEW PPV Double or Nothing. It’s not in AEW’s storyline at all and wasn’t mentioned once, but Darby has to be thinking about it. He has to want to get him back. Ethan Page hit Darby Allin in a match that Vice happened to film. He broke Darby’s elbow with a shovel. Yes, you read that right, shovel. It is the only injury to have taken Darby out for some time.

Darby had to have a metal plate put into his elbow and if you look real close, you can see the scar. If you watched that episode of “The Wrestlers” then you got to see Darby Allin freaking out a little bit. In 2017, he was on the indie circuit and wasn’t making any money. Darby was living in an abandoned building in Seattle and was basically homeless. If you know the story of him coming to AEW then you know the night before his introduction that Darby slept in his car because he couldn’t afford a hotel room. He really has brought himself far up the ladder. Darby’s all about passion, heart, determination, and hard work. That’s why he is so over right now because of how authentic he is. In my opinion, it’s also what makes him the hottest babyface in all of pro wrestling right now.

Write me and tell me what you think of Darby Allin in the comments below. Is he the biggest babyface in the entire pro wrestling business right now? You can reach me on Twitter @Sam4413 or at Or can listen to my podcast Pro Wrestling Overtime on most major platforms. Tell me your thoughts on where Darby should be going next. Tag titles? Getting revenge on Miro? I look forward to hearing from you. I’ll talk to you soon and I’ll see you down the road.