Is Dee Strange Gordon The Spark Plug Milwaukee Needs?

With the Brewer’s offense struggling to find any sort of groove, It seems like no better time than to call up a veteran bat who has endured great success at the highest level.

When the Milwaukee Brewers signed Dee Strange Gordon to a minor league deal on April 21, 2021. Nobody really thought he would have an opportunity to crack the team’s 26 man roster. With all of the team’s current struggles and injuries to boot, it seems like no better time than to give the wily veteran a chance in the majors.

What does Gordon have that the Brewers don’t?

Well, for one he brings quite an impressive resume with him. He is a former batting champion, Gold glover, and three-time stolen base champion. In the last “full season,” that being 2019, Gordon had a very productive year for Seattle when he slashed .275/.304/.359. He matched his career-high in homers with four. His power is not what the Brewers need, or are looking for. What Milwaukee needs is someone who can get on base and nab some bags and get into scoring position for the big boys to drive him in. This alone would give Gordon an instant impact on the team.

Has Gordon earned a call-up?

In short order, yes he has definitely shown in Triple-A Nashville that he should see some sort of big league action in 2021. In Nashville, Gordon has put up some impressive numbers in his nine games. He has posted a .359/.390/.538 line and has 14 hits in 39 plate appearances. Of course, the majors are not the same ballgame compared to any of the minor league camps, but Gordon has already shown that he has what it takes to last and have a productive career in the MLB.

Where will he play?

That’s a good question. With the current development of 23 years old, Luis Urias at shortstop, Gordon could find himself some action there. This would also allow Craig Counsell to give Urias a mental break every now and again. Plus it couldn’t hurt Urias to learn a thing or two from the former two-time all-star. Gordon can also play all three outfield positions and this could give the skipper the option of resting one of Cain or Yelich to keep them healthy for a competitive playoff run down the stretch. You could save Cain or Yelich for late-game pinch-hitting opportunities if need be.

All signs are pointing towards a Gordon call-up, sooner or later. This move just makes too much sense to not happen. Gordon has so many valuable tools at his disposal that Milwaukee could be looking down the line and remembering the impact that he provided to help the crew reach October for the fourth straight season! Gordon could be a spark plug for this team all Milwaukee has to do is make the call.