Isaiah Thomas Deserves Another Shot In The League; Lakers, Nets, And Bucks Should Kick The Tires

Isaiah Thomas Deserves Another Shot In The League; Lakers, Nets, And Bucks Should Kick The Tires

What Happened?

Isaiah Thomas, an undersized PG from Washington, was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 2011. Over the course of the next few years, he quickly became an All-Star and in the 2016-17 season, he was an MVP finalist. However, he suffered a hip injury and has bounced around the league since being traded from Boston to the Cavs. He has suited up for five different teams since that trade and is ready for another shot at the NBA.

Where Is He Now?

Isaiah Thomas had surgery on his hip, resurfacing his right hip after he essentially had no cartilage left. Now that he has had the surgery, he is pain-free, and training to get back into NBA shape. In a recent interview with Matt Barnes & Stephen Jackson on “All The Smoke”, he talks about his desire to return to the NBA. Along with his dedication to getting back to the player he was when he nearly took home an MVP award.

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IT has been playing in amateur & pro/am circuits during the offseason, balling any chance he can get. There was been numerous videos of his performances throughout the offseason and it appears he is ready for action once again. Last month, IT dropped 81 points in the “Crawsover” a league ran and created by former NBA SG, Jamal Crawford. In all of his highlights, the 32-year-old has looked vintage in his performances and is ready to be given another opportunity from an NBA team. Here are some teams that should seriously consider giving him a shot.


The first of two obvious choices, the LA Lakers. Currently, the Lakers have two proven PGs, Russell Westbrook & Rajon Rondo, and adding Thomas would not only solidify the position, but it would add a guy who has SG experience as well. Let’s be real, the Lakers do not need Thomas. They have possibly the best roster in the NBA. But why not take a flyer on a guy that could end up being the difference for the team? At the very least, a two-way contract should be considered. If anything, to keep him away from these other two teams.


The Brooklyn Nets are another “super” team that should give IT a try. The Nets are loaded with talent in the back-court. They have Patty Mills & Kyrie Irving at PG and James Harden who can play both PG & SG. They have several other players providing depth to their main guards in the rotation, and a guy like Isaiah who could play both the one and two would a great addition to the team.

Isaiah Thomas could end up being a nice player for this squad. Head coach Steve Nash – a hall of fame PG in his own right – could work with IT to help bring him back to the player he was in Boston. IT has shown flashes of what he can do on the pro/am circuits, an offseason with Nash and some of the best talents in the NBA can be the perfect formula to bring out the best in him.


Finally, we get to the defending champs, the Milwaukee Bucks. This team is obviously talented and has one of the best starting fives in the league. However, they could use depth. The only proven PGs they have on the roster are Jrue Holiday and Jeff Teague. They need to bring in another veteran PG to elevate the position, and Isaiah is the perfect guy for the job.

Heading into the new season, we are going to see a healthy Nets team, a potentially revamped 76ers team, not to mention the up-and-coming Knicks & Hawks. All of those teams feature some solid guard play. A man like Thomas would allow them to scoring potential at PG on second and third team sets as well.

Give Him A Chance

At the end of the day, Isaiah Thomas needs an opportunity to show what he can do in the league. He has a huge passion for the game and would provide wisdom to any team in the league. Obviously, Isaiah Thomas has never one a ring, so these contenders should feel even more confident in bringing him in. He has enough drive to get the job done, add in the opportunity to win a chip, and you could find yourself with a throwback version of IT.

Daniel Portillo

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