It’s Now Or Never For The Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers are playing a dangerous game with their team’s future and Kawhi Leonard’s future. It’s still early in the series against the Dallas Mavericks, but this Los Angeles team doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the playoffs. We all know what happened last year in the bubble with blowing a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets. But this year, extreme consequences could appear.

If Los Angeles gets bounced in round one, then all hell will break loose on Twitter, and honestly, I am here for it. But, by no means is their series against Dallas over with, but there is some cause of concern if you’re in Los Angeles. With Los Angeles losing Game One, you have to think that, the ” here we go” moment happened again with a Game One loss.

Who in Los Angeles is going to put people in check in that locker room? Some would say Rajon Rondo, but he has been there for about a month, and Rondo doesn’t look locked in like he did last year on the Los Angeles Lakers postseason run. Why isn’t Ty Lue playing Terrence Mann, Serge Ibaka, and Luke Kennard, especially after Kennard getting a big new contract? I’ve always thought Lue has been a bit better as a coach than he’s gotten credit for, like our coach Steve Kerr in the 2016 NBA finals. But, as of now, I am confused about what he is doing out there playing Reggie Jackson and Pat Beverley over Mann, who would bring young legs to the team and energy to the game.

Paul George needs this series for himself and his team. If George has another bad postseason, then it brings up questions that Los Angeles didn’t think they would be answering in year two in the Leonard/George parring. Leonard does have a player option in his contract at the end of the summer, and with a potential first-round exit, it’s fair to ask what’s the point with Leonard staying there?

Potential back-to-back playoff duds with George how could Leonard have faith in him. Also, there have been some whispers that Leonard may have some interest in joining the Miami Heat. Remember, Leonard, reached out to Jimmy Butler before George about teaming up in Los Angeles.

I’m not breaking any news here, but Los Angeles needs to win this series, or everything they have worked for, for the past three years will come crashing down quickly and fast. Not to mention all the picks Los Angeles gave up for George and two years later only for Leonard’s potential being gone and giving up Shai Gilgeous-Alexander only to more than likely to trade George. What could you even get for George on the market right now? Los Angeles needs to win this series and make a playoff run in the worst way.