Joe Thuney Signs With Kansas City Chiefs; Initial Reactions

Super Bowl LV… one of the biggest pitfalls in Chiefs history; it still looms over the heads of everyone apart of Chiefs kingdom. In agreeance, everyone believes that the offensive line was the main cause for why they lost; there’s no doubting that. One of the main issues that have been needed to be addressed was the interior of the line, however, the Chiefs were in the negatives in terms of cap.

What do they do to solve this? They release Fisher and Schwartz, who were both necessary to cut due to injury concerns and cap. They also restructured Mahomes’s contract along with Kelce’s and Jones’s, which freed up over $20 million in cap space. The Chiefs were primed to make a splash deal:

They did just that; at 4:09 p.m on March 15th, Ian Rapoport confirmed that the Chiefs have signed Joe Thuney to a five-year, $80 million contract:

The deal only becomes better when you read the fine lines of the contract. For the 2021 season, Thuney only takes a cap hit of $4.5 million this season, which means that the Chiefs still have around $16.5 million to spend this free agency:

With all that said, the numbers aren’t the only instance of what’s good with this signing:

The o-line rebuild starts now

With the releases of both Fisher and Schwartz, this signing had to happen. Thuney adds whatever the Chiefs still need; you want him at guard, he’s there. You want him to play tackle, he can do that as well. Do the Chiefs need him at the center? He can probably do that as well. His signing fills one of the three holes in the Chiefs’ offensive line.

He was also one of the better o-lineman to pickup. Besides Trent Williams, he was a hot target that all teams were looking at, and the Patriots tried their absolute best to resign him. The Patriots wanted to keep him, and for good reason:

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Thuney was a great pickup

Let’s start with the pass blocking, something Mahomes practically needs at this very moment. Thuney is one of the best in the league in terms of this; since 2018, Thuney has played 1,733 pass-blocking snaps. In those snaps, he’s allowed just three sacks. This shows that no matter who it is, he’s blocking, he can keep him away from Mahomes for as long as he needs. This season, he was also ranked in the top ten in pass blocking (10th) with a 73.1 grade from PFF.

He’s not a bad run blocker either. According to PFF, he has always stayed in the top-15 in terms of run-blocking, which is perfect; there’s 64 starting guards, so being in the top 20% in run blocking every year isn’t too bad.

He’s also as reliable as you can get; he has started every game in his career, and he has never missed a game due to injury. Offensive line injuries were the #1 issue for the Chiefs last year, especially in the Super Bowl, so signing someone like him adds a definite full-season starter (unless something happens).

He can play just about anywhere

While he’s had only eight snaps at tackle for his entire five-year career, in college, he was one of the best tackles in the country. PFF had him as the highest-rated one coming out of college in 2015:

This proves that the Chiefs can move him pretty much anywhere they need him; he can stick with guard, they could move him to tackle where he was spectacular at, or they could put him at center if they want to keep him in ther interior. The all-around offesnive lineman; any team would kill for someone like that.

Overall, this is was an absolutely great signing for the Chiefs for a need that they desperately required. The Chiefs, as I stated earlier, still have $16.5 million in cap space. We could absolutely see another splash o-line signing from them in the near future.

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