Josh Allen Still Needs To Take The Next Step

The Numbers

Josh Allen is coming off of a pretty fantastic season. Most people who watched him play would assume he took the next step into becoming an elite quarterback, but that was only half the case. The Bills finished the regular season with a 13-3 record. If it wasn’t for a Kyler Murray hail mary, the team would have ended the season 14-2. They would have also ended the regular season on a 10 game winning streak; despite that, they were still a very good and improved football team.

The Super Bowl is next week but we already have a pretty good idea of who the top MVP candidates were this year. The most common opinion of the award status for this year is Rodgers at one, Mahomes at two, and Allen at three. This goes to show how special and surprising Allen really was this year.

The Bills seem to be in prime contention to control the AFC East for the next few years. Allen this year threw for around 4,500 yards, 37 touchdown passes, and 10 interceptions. This is obviously a fantastic year, yet it still feels like more has to be done for Allen to really take the next step.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

If you watched Josh Allen before, it’s pretty simple to differ the things he does do well with what he doesn’t do well. He has an absolute rocket for an arm, which was well known in college. In terms of pure arm strength, he is clearly at the top of the league, where no one else is really near him except Mahomes and Rodgers; he is surely becoming elite in that category. He is also a very strong and mobile quarterback. This came as a shock to many people considering how big he is.

However as all QBs have strengths, most of them also have their weaknesses. While he has certainly improved on it this year, he still has some accuracy problems when throwing the football. We saw a few glimpses of this in the three postseason games he played in. He did finish the year with his highest competition percentage at 69%, but even he would tell you that he needs to be better in critical moments.

In his first two seasons, his completion percentages were both well under 60%. This just goes to show the massive improvements he made over the summer to his game. After another long offseason coming up, he should be only getting more accurate as a passer.

Moving Forward

With the additions of Stephon Diggs and Cole Beasley over the last few seasons for the Bills, you can really tell how much they have helped grow and develop Allen into a mature and good quarterback. Many question marks were coming out of college for Allen, rightfully so. With a coach that knows the right pieces to put around him, they found themselves a solid franchise QB. Josh as a player and the Bills as a team should only get better from here on out, and it will be exciting to see.