Josh Myers Scouting Profile

Josh Myers-C/OG-Ohio State

6’5 2/8ths, 310 pounds



He’s big for a center, and a good combo blocker; he then does a good job of peeling off his first block and moving to the 2nd level. He shows a strong accurate shotgun snap. Myers keeps his head on a swivel in pass sets; he is always looking for work. He has good straight-ahead speed as he gets to the second level pretty fast.

For being 6’5, he does a good job of getting low and staying low. He also shows some pop in his hands. Myers shows good hand placement on film; he does a good job of keeping his hands inside. He keeps himself square to the defender. OSU has used him as a pulling blocker, and he’s looked ok. He shuffles his feet well in pass protection.

Myers anchors really well. You rarely see him get pushed back; he has little problems with power rushers. He also has versatility. Myers can also play guard. OSU has also used him in the screen game, and he’s done well in that also.


His quickness is just average. The ability to snap with the QB under the center is very minimal as far as game film. He does show a habit of leaning too far forward, causing his balance to be off. That is one of the reasons he ends up on the turf more than he should. He misses his targets sometimes on the second level.

When he does get to his target, he is not aggressive enough. He looks a little slow when he pulls. Myers does get a little high after the snap sometimes, allowing defenders to get under his pads. There have been a few instances of him getting tunnel vision.

Final thoughts:

Myers is a good fit for the Packers, but not a perfect fit. There are some things he needs to work on. He needs to be careful to keep working on staying low off the snap since he is tall for a center; defenders that can get under him can really push him back if he doesn’t watch it. When he stays low though, he does not get rooted out by defenders. You probably won’t see Green Bay pull him very often, if ever, unless he plays some guard, but even then, probably not.

While he can do it, he does not look quick or fast enough to do it in their outside zone blocking scheme. He is a big strong dude that can power the interior running game. When he misses his targets on the second level, he needs to learn to be a little more patient and under control attacking them so he can be more accurate. When he hits them, he needs to show more aggression and keep blocking them. Sometimes, he just gives them a little shove.

Some things are concerning about his fit. As an athlete, he is probably just average to a little above average. If he had a RAS score, I would bet it would be around a six. His agility is just kind of average, so he will need to really compensate for that with excellent technique and being on top of his game. He is probably still a good bet to win the starting center spot.

He is big, strong, smart, and he wants to get better. His pass blocking is probably a little further than his run blocking at this time. Myers still has work to do on both in regards to awareness. The potential is there for him to be an above-average starting center in the NFL, maybe even a borderline pro bowl level player. He has one of the best OL coaches in the NFL to learn from; hopefully, he can reach that potential.