Justin Fields Almost Gets Decapitated Over The Weekend

Justin Fields Almost Gets Decapitated Over The Weekend

Week Two of the NFL pre-season just wrapped up; and, it was all just as exciting as you would expect the pre-season to be. But did you catch that Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills game over the weekend?

The Bears lost in a 41-15 blowout Saturday night in Soldier Field. But that was not the only beating delivered by the Bills. Early in the fourth quarter, the Bears had rookie 1st QB, Justin Fields in for second and third-team reps. The Bears were in shotgun formation, the ball is snapped, and in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, an unblocked Andre Smith obliterates the young QB sending his helmet (and trademark headband) flying to the turf.

The hit was illegal by NFL standards, a personal foul for helmet-to-helmet contact, but what a HIT. Luckily, Fields was able to stand on his own after the battering. Claiming it “didn’t really hurt” in a post-game interview. You never want to see anyone get hurt, but hits like these are what make football the most popular sport in America.

The Bears have some work to do if they want to prevent injuries to their young QB during the season. Their offensive line suffered losses this offseason, including the departure of Charles Leno Jr., and PFF grades them out as the 28th best offensive line in the NFL. Not great for building the confidence of a young QB.

Nagy needs to get his OL on the same page; because an injured rookie QB will not help his case. The Bears have the tools to right the ship. But if Fields is taking shots like this one every Sunday, I think we may be in for a big shake-up in Chicago next offseason. Best of luck to you, Justin Fields, Matt Nagy, and the Chicago faithful. You’re going to need it battling in the NFC North this year.

Daniel Portillo

Daniel, a Missouri State University graduate, is all about Kansas City. As an avid Chiefs and Royals fan, you will catch him at at Kauffman and Arrowhead multiple times a year. When he is not at the stadium, he is watching the games at home with his fiancée, Megan, and their dogs, Chief and Lamar.

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