Kansas City Chiefs’ Fans Can Calm Down

Kansas City Chiefs’ Fans Can Calm Down

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs need to calm down. I understand none of us thought we would be 1-2 at this time, but everything is ok.

There is nothing wrong with someone critiquing their favorite team. The Chiefs have given fans plenty to critique too. Patrick Mahomes has been more Clark Kent than Superman through three games. He has thrown bad interceptions in the fourth quarter in each of the last two games. Both passes meant for Travis Kelce landed in the defender’s arms due to miscommunication. Those two can usually read each other’s minds, but what we’ve seen is that Kelce and Mahomes are human.

The defense has been as bad as everyone thinks they have been. There is no sugar coating how bad the defense has been as it ranks 30th in yards per game and 32nd in points per game. They have made a few big plays, but only forcing four turnovers and four sacks through three games is not good enough.

It has not been just the players either, the coaching staff has been outcoached multiple times. Andy Reid has gone conservative multiple times costing the Chiefs. In the first game, he chose to kick a field goal on fourth and two inside the ten-yard line. We all remember the bonehead run call that lead to Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s fumble that cost the Chiefs the win against the Baltimore Ravens.

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has had few answers in each game of the season. He started well against the Chargers, keeping the team in the game after three straight offensive turnovers. But when the game has been on the line in back-to-back weeks he couldn’t put his team in a position to win the game.

All those and many more are fair critiques of the Chiefs through the first three games of the season. The problem comes when people take honest critiques and turn them into panic and desperation. If you have listened to any of the national shows this week, you’ve seen the hot takes from the shows like “Undisputed” on Fox Sports and “First Take” on ESPN. Unfortunately, fans take people like these seriously.

There is no reason to panic in Kansas City. The only goal this season the Chiefs have lost is the ability to go 20-0, and that was never realistic. Las Vegas still has the Chiefs as the odds on favorite to win the division and the conference. They also still have the second-best odds to win the Super Bowl behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Rams.

Patrick Mahomes will not continue to throw bad interceptions, especially not when the game is on the line. The team as a whole won’t continue to have multiple turnovers every game. History shows these last two games as complete flukes in terms of their ball security. The Chiefs are too talented on offense for these issues to continue. Also, remember the offensive line, which has played well, is going to get better each week they work together.

As that offensive line grows together, Mahomes will have more trust in them and won’t run into as much pressure as he has early in the season. He is going to find a home in the pocket behind this line and will back to his record-setting ways very soon. The running game will also improve with the line growth leading to fewer negative plays when receivers need their occasional break.

The defense is currently the biggest problem, but it will not be this bad all season. We have seen Spags lead defenses start slowly before, remember 2019? Like the offensive line, the defensive line has new faces in new places and is still growing together. They are learning how to play with new guys like Jarran Reed and in new positions like Chris Jones. They will grow and improve with each week. Willie Gay back will do a lot to help the defense as a big upgrade over fan punching bag Ben Neiman.

Yes, the 2021 season has started badly for the Kansas City Chiefs. No Chiefs fan likes to lose, especially not to rivals like Ravens and Chargers in back-to-back weeks. It leaves a bad taste in all our mouths.

But, it is time we all stop acting like scared Chiefs fans of the past. Alex Smith, Elvis Grbac, or Trent Green are not taking snaps anymore. Mahomes is the greatest quarterback of all time and is currently in his prime starting for your team. As long as he is taking snaps for the Chiefs, there is nothing to panic about.

As much as you hate to hear it, stop taking notes from Kansas basketball fans. We all know that fan, who cries all fall about how down their team is. Who then brags and chants as they win their umpteenth conference title in a row. It’s annoying and useless.

Instead, take notes from the New England Patriots. Did you ever see a Patriots fan whining in September or October? Of course not, because they knew those games don’t matter. Nothing truly matters until January when you are a guaranteed playoff team and Super Bowl favorite. So let other teams worry about their Super Bowls against you in September, relax until your Super Bowl in February.

Britt Zank

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