Kansas City Chiefs; Not Real Worried About Adding Free Agent Receivers!

Many fans are worried about the swings and misses the Kansas Chiefs have had for the free-agent wide receivers this offseason. However, the Kansas City Chiefs don’t seem to be really worried about adding free-agent receivers. Let’s see why not:

Free-Agent Misses

Firstly, any of these receivers would’ve been a great addition to the Chiefs’ receiving corps. Secondly, these WR’s are putting a hurt on the idea that veteran players will take less money to play with Patrick Mahomes and chase a Superbowl ring. Names like Juju Smith-Schuster, Josh Reynolds, Will Fuller, Curtis Samuel, John Brown, and even Marvin Jones Jr. Now not all were in the Chiefs sights; but, the ones that were mainly Smith-Schuster and Reynolds. Both decided to re-sign with their current team or sign elsewhere.

Still Available

There are still are solid WRs in the free-agent market. Big names like Ty Hilton, Antonio Brown, and even Sammy Watkins, who just became a free-agent this season from the Chiefs. The only issue with the remaining WR’s is that they are getting up there in age. If the Chiefs are looking to go younger in the WR position, their choices are getting pretty limited.

Out of the remaining WRs. Watkins makes the most sense. He already knows the system. To fit back in would take no effort at all if nothing else presents itself in the free-agent market. Maybe, Watkins will once again take less money to line up on the Kansas City offense.

However, as this is being written, Watkins just had a meeting with the Baltimore Ravens. So we will have to wait to see about Sammy re-signing with the Chiefs.

Current Pass Catchers

Of course, the current pass catchers for the Chiefs are some of the best in the NFL. Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman, and Travis Kelce solidify the KC offense. Then, tendering WR Byron Pringle for a future contract boosted the pass catchers. Meanwhile, re-signing TE Blake Bell, who knows the system and is improving his pass-catching abilities. Not to mention second-year RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who is superb at catching the ball out of the offensive backfield.

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With eight picks in the 2021 Draft, the Chiefs may be looking to add some youth to their wide receivers; I’m not saying they will get Ja’Marr Chase or DeVonta Smith, however. In later rounds, maybe looking to find a sleeper who can step right in and make a difference. It’s really not plausible for the Chiefs to trade up very high to get a top-seeded WR. However, stranger things have happened.

Truthfully, if they were to move up, it would more than likely be for an offensive lineman or maybe a nasty edge rusher for the defense. But, that is a discussion for another article.


To sum up, the Chiefs have missed out on a few top wide receiver free-agents, which would have made a huge difference on the offense. That being said, every Chiefs fan knows that GM Brett Veach and HC Andy Reid always have a back-up plan. Having solid pass-catchers already on the roster and extra picks in the upcoming Draft. We can see why the Chiefs terribly worried about the WRs that slipped away.