Kansas City Chiefs Versus Tennessee Titans: 10/24/21 Matchup Preview

Kansas City Chiefs Versus Tennessee Titans: 10/24/21 Matchup Preview

The Julio Jones trade madness is officially over now that he will become a Tennessee Titan. Julio mentioned wanting to go to a competitor with a big arm quarterback, but Ryan Tannehill is not considered that, but rather an efficient team-oriented quarterback. The acquisition of Julio to the Titans has now sparked some interesting matchups in the upcoming season.

One specific example is the October 24th matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans. In a matchup where the defending AFC champions come to town, Patrick Mahomes is the perfect big arm quarterback, but he will be on the opposite side of the field instead of teaming up with Julio. This matchup will more than likely be circled on every football fan’s calendar to watch.

Kansas City had their name thrown around in the Julio madness especially because Mahomes is a top-ten quarterback in the deep pass, so a Julio to Kansas City trade sounded like a match made in heaven. However, the trade never came close to happening, and thus they will now be opponents come October. So, now that Julio is a Titan, how would these two teams stack up?

There is plenty of history in recent years between these teams. The most recent example being in the AFC title game in 2020, where the Chiefs emerged victoriously and eventually became Super Bowl champions that year. Coming into the 2021 season, this matchup is now even more interesting, considering the Titans and Chiefs were essentially opposites statistically last year.

KC ranked first in passing yards per game, for obvious reasons, while Tennessee ranked 23rd. In the rushing game, Tennessee ranked first in rushing yards per game, for obvious reasons, while the Chiefs ranked middle of the pack at 16th. But, the most intriguing stat is that the Chiefs ranked first, while the Titans ranked third in total yards per game and were separated by only 18 yards in the rankings.

Now that Tennessee has added another offensive weapon, more specifically in the passing game, Tennessee might now be able to win games without running the ball 70 times with Derrick Henry. Imagine a matchup where the Chiefs have to defend the goal line from a lob pass to the corner to Julio Jones versus stacking the line to prevent a run from Derrick Henry. Imagine a back and forth passing game between the Titans and the mighty Chiefs versus Mahomes throwing all the yards, but the Chiefs defending the run. That would be good football in my opinion.

While it is still way too early to tell if the Julio acquisition will change the outcome of games for Tennessee, just know that the October 24th matchup with the Chiefs will prove if the Titans are really contenders. The Chiefs will be bringing more than likely the best offense in football to town to match up against a possible powerhouse offense and we could be watching the future AFC championship game four months early.

Mark your calendars folks; it is going to be a good one!

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