Kobe’s Five Best Performances Against The Chicago Bulls

Kobe Bryant is one of the all-time greats of the NBA with an immense amount of spectacular performances to his name. It has been a whole year since his untimely passing, and I wanted to take a moment to remember the legendary performances he had against the Chicago Bulls (in no particular order).

Kobe Being Kobe

1. March 13, 2004 Lakers 88 – Bulls 81:

Kobe finished the game with 35 points, three assists, eight rebounds, two steals, and one block while dealing with a sore shoulder. He showed his offensive dominance when he scored twelve straight points in the fourth quarter to keep the lead. Kobe got to enjoy a win over the Bulls while his idol Michael Jordan watched courtside.


2. February 21, 2016 Bulls 126 – Lakers 115:

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This was Kobe’s last game against the Bulls. Dealing with injuries (dislocated finger) and being at the end of his career didn’t stop Kobe from showing glimpses of his past self. He was still able to bring the sold-out United Center crowd to their feet because of his play on the court. He finished the game with a stat line of 22 points, one assist, and four rebounds in twenty-seven minutes of playing time.

3. November 20, 2005 Bulls 96 – Lakers 93:

Kobe had his highest-scoring game against the Bulls on this date. He was playing on one of the worst Laker’s roster during this time. As a result, the second-highest scorer for the Lakers during this game was Chris Mihm (a very forgettable seven-foot center) with 13 points. His team may have lost this game, but Kobe wasn’t gonna make it easy for them. He finished with 43 points, three assists, six rebounds, and two steals.

Couldn’t find a Kobe highlight for this game so enjoy a Chris Mihm highlight video.

4. December 17, 1997 Bulls 104 – Lakers 83:

Kobe got to stand on equal ground against his idol Michael Jordan during this game. This was while Jordan was still the best basketball player on the planet; Kobe was still coming off the bench during this time. When Jordan and Bryant were both on the court, they had to guard each other and really showed off their defensive chops.

They played each other a total of eight times in regular-season games and three times in All-star games. Kobe finished with 33 points, two assists, and three rebounds in what was the best game he ever played against Michael Jordan.

Kobe modeled his game after Michael Jordan

5. December 15, 2009 Lakers 96 – Bulls 87:

Kobe once again played during an injury (broken right index finger). He was actually wearing a splint during this banger of a game. Kobe noticeably had difficulty handling the ball and ended up with eight turnovers.

Unfortunately for the Bulls, the splint definitely didn’t seem to affect his shooting stroke or his dunking ability. Kobe showed how much of an impact he can cause with his diverse scoring ability for the Lakers. He finished with 42 points, three assists, and two rebounds.

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