Kylin Hill: Green Bay Packers Scouting Report

Kylin Hill-RB-Mississippi State

5’10 1/2, 214 lbs

RAS: 7.31


Hill gets to the hole quickly. He has great acceleration and explosion; shows good soft hands catching the football. Hill will make some highlight reel-type catches. He has a good strong build for a running back. Hill is a willing blocker down the field. He uses a little stutter, hop step, or jump-cut move if his initial gap is covered.

The former Mississippi State back runs hard and runs with decent power and usually gets yards after contact. Hill doesn’t go down on the first contact. He knows how to run to space. He shows some agility and good contact balance on film. Kylin has a stiff arm that he will use that has some potential. The former Bulldog also shows potential to be a good pass protector and third-down back.


Hill runs a little high; exposing himself to straight-on hits. His top speed is very average. He is probably not going to get any 40+ yard type runs. He would not be classified as a power runner.

Hill still needs work as a pass protector, he sets up too far forward of the QB. Also, he tends to catch the defender. The 5’10 running back will also miss read gaps. He can’t create much on his own; he’s not a dynamic playmaker. He also did not run a variety of routes at Mississippi State.

Final Thoughts:

Just a solid all-around back; kind of a jack of all trades. Hill is solid at everything. He’s not an elite athlete. He has been compared favorably to Jamaal Williams; it’s a good comparison because their skills and talents are very similar coming out of college.

He needs to stay a little closer to the quarterback when pass blocking, so he can see any potential threats better and have time to react. He also needs to learn how to run lower, which will net him more yardage and extend his career. Why did he fall to the seventh round? Just off his film, he is a fourth-fifth rounder.

Supposedly, there was a conflict with his coaching staff. Either way, Green Bay got a steal. They basically got a #2 back for a seventh. That is a pretty good ROI.