Kyrie Tells Harden That He’s The Point Guard; Sign of Maturity

Is Kyrie Maturing?

Things are starting to look up for the Brooklyn Nets. They are now 10-1 against teams that are over .500. Even though they haven’t played a lot of games as the “big 3” together, they are starting to show some really good form. A few days ago, the media was in a session with Kyrie when the unspeakable happened; Kyrie was cooperating with them.

Since Harden has arrived in Brooklyn, there has been a lot of talk about the roles Harden and Kyrie will be willing to take. According to Kyrie, he has let James know that he is the point guard of this team, which came as a major surprise to just about everyone.

It’s hard to see a scenario where Kyrie takes a step back to let Harden do his thing, but it seems like that is what’s starting to happen. The talent of both of them is a lot to handle against opposing teams, but they still should be on the same page at all times. Kyrie and Harden like the ball in their hands at all times, but down the stretch, the big shot will always go to Kevin Durant.

Kyrie is currently averaging around 29 points a game. It is very difficult to see a scenario where he stays as the third option for the entire season. How will Harden react to this? It is certainly easier said than done.

Looking ahead

The Nets have a huge game coming up on Thursday night against the defending champion Lakers. The Lakers will be without Anthony Davis until at least the all-star break. It’s still unclear whether or not Kevin Durant will be available tomorrow, the same goes for Kyrie. The likelihood of them playing in a big game like this is pretty high, however.

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Many NBA fans and, of course, Brooklyn and Laker fans, expect this to be the NBA finals matchup come July, but that is a long way away. Playing against LeBron is always a huge opportunity for all players around the league, but for this team, it’s extra special.

LeBron and KD have had their fairer share of matchup’s in the finals over the years. KD has won 2 of them with the Warriors against LeBron. Back in 2012, LeBron won his first-ever title defeating the Thunder; that was back when LeBron was on the Heat. Harden has never won a title and that is the one thing that remains on his legacy; this year is a great opportunity for him to get that. We all know that LeBron and Kyrie won a title together for Cleveland back in 2016. Ever since that title, Kyrie has been through his fair share of drama.

For him, getting a second title with Brooklyn would make some people forget about all of the trouble he has caused over the past few seasons. For now, Kyrie seems like he is growing up a little and accepting his role on this team. It will be really interesting to see how long this lasts, mainly at the end of the games. Kyrie is known for being closer and a clutch shot-maker. We may see his role as that decrease over the season. There could certainly be more trouble brewing for this very talented Nets team.