Lakers Gear Up For Big Title Run

Lakers Gear Up For Big Title Run

Bringing in a star

The Los Angeles Lakers are gearing up for a big title run. They recently made a blockbuster trade with the Wizards. On July 30th, the Los Angeles Lakers completed a sign and trade for superstar point guard Russell Westbrook. In that trade, they gave up 3 players and multiple draft picks to bring him back to LA.

Free Agency Frenzy

As free agency started, the Lakers brought back some familiar faces to the organization. Trevor Ariza, Dwight Howard, and guard Wayne Ellington all made their return, making this one of the older teams in the league. The purple and gold were not finished yet, though. They also added former Kentucky guard Malik Monk, Warriors defensive stopper Kent Bazemore, Miami’s go to guard Kendrick Nunn, and one of the leagues foremost popular player Carmelo Anthony.  

The Guards Fit for a big title run

Now with the team’s starting 5 taking a main shape. let’s break down that top contender’s go-to unit. At the 1 is Russ with playmaking, passing, and defending all in his “bag”; the team got a lot more explosive. The one thing that concerns them is his very streaky shooting. He is shooting a good 43.9 percent from the field, so L.A. is hoping he can find his stride and find his shot.

Now this is where things get dicey. The team does not have the 2 guard spot locked in yet. Most likely, they will run a combination of players through the starting rotation with Monk, Ellington, and Horton-Tucker getting those starting reps. The Lakers could also run a 2 point guard system featuring Russ and Lebron James. That would help the bench with more depth and give the Lakers more shooting on the court. The Lakers could use Lebron and Russ at a combo 1 spot. This would allow the Lakers to bring Carmelo into the starting 5. This could really add the playmaking and the shooting ability to this squad.

The Forwards fit for a big title run

Now the 4 spots are locked as well. The 4 will be Anthony Davis as he has said on multiple occasions that he wants to play the 4, so no need to get into AD right now. As long as he can stay healthy and attack the rim, LA will be fine. The 5 will most likely either be Marc Gasol or Dwight Howard. Rebounding is a huge advantage these two have. They are two different bigs though. As we know, Marc is an excellent passer as well as a shot maker. Dwight is a shot blocking, rim protector/runner. He can dunk on anyone and will throw a bad shot off the backboard at any time.

What could have been

Even with all the new players swarming to play for the Lakers, they did lose some key players. As mentioned, the Lakers geared up for their title run by going big. They parted ways with forwards Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell and guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for former MVP Russell Westbrook. The Lakers had to move these players as they gear up for a big title run.

Kuzma had a very up and down career with L.A., averaging 15.2 points. In his 4 years, many thought his upside was gonna produce more. Many think the Lakers should have included him in the blockbuster trade for superstar Anthony Davis. Instead, they sent Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram.

Trez only played one season for L.A. He was traded after not playing much in the 6 playoff games the Lakers were in. KCP was a solid guard and even helped bring in a title. The Lakers also lost Alex Caruso to the Bulls, Andre Drummond to the Sixers, and Dennis Schroder to Celtics (on a 1 year deal; after turning down an 84 million dollar extension with the Lakers in hopes of a 120 million deal). 

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