Las Vegas Raiders – Record Expectations

Las Vegas Raiders – Record Expectations

As sports fans, we love to speculate on the upcoming seasons especially the NFL. I am no different and being a Raiders fan I often have too high of expectations. BUT this year will be different. I will have written about it.

In all seriousness, I have high expectations for this upcoming season. Offensively, last year’s rookies now have an offseason under their belt and have looked great in training camp so far. Defensively, the front office brought in young established talent, vets, and the best defensive coordinator the Raiders could’ve asked for. Let’s take a deeper dive into what the Raiders record could be for this upcoming season

Weeks 1-4

Week one the Raiders are in for a big challenge against a versatile Ravens offense and what has shown to be one of the best defenses in the league. I expect the offense to continue what they started last season and score at least 24 points.

The problem I see is with the defense. While I trust what Bradley has done against the Ravens in the past, I don’t think the defense will be ready for what Lamar brings. I have the Raiders losing this one in a close 27-30 matchup.

In Week Two, the team heads into Pittsburgh with no plans of leaving 0-2. While the Steelers’ defense is nothing to scoff at their offense is a shell of itself. The offensive line is the weakest it’s been in years, Big Ben is far past his prime, and who knows how Najee will do.

With all these glaring problems I expect the much-improved defense to show out. Look for the defensive line to make their presence felt and make Big Ben force the ball one too many times. Raiders come out of this one 24-16.

In week three, the Dolphins make their way into Vegas after a heart-breaking loss at the end of the 2020 season. If not for a last-second dime from Ryan Fitzmagic, the Raiders leave Miami with another win. However, Fitz is on the Washington Football Team now.

For that reason, I’m taking the Raiders. Call me a hater but I was not impressed with Tua. During their game last season, he showed a lack of aggressiveness and I don’t recall a pass over 15 yards. Now, this could very well have been play-calling, but pulling a rookie QB in crunch time can’t bode well for morale. Raiders win 24-10

The last matchup of this four-week stretch is against the Chargers. Unlike the other matchups, the Raiders have the home-field advantage even if it’s away. A running joke in the AFC West is the lack of Chargers fans and while it may be a joke it’s also true. At least in terms of ratio to Raiders fans in LA. I expect Bradley’s game plan to keep the Chargers’ offense in check. Raiders win 30-24.

Raiders record 3-1

Weeks 5-9

After the Raiders return from their away win in LA, they return home to play the Chicago Bears in week five. While this Bears team did improve, they also got rid of Kyle Fuller who is among the NFL’s better corners. You may be thinking what about Justin Fields, well at this moment, the Bears are starting with Andy Dalton. Behind that Bears offensive line, I can’t see Dalton staying upright for long. For that reason, I have the Raiders winning 35-16.

Week Six brings another inner-division matchup this time against the Broncos. Now just because I am a Raiders fan doesn’t mean I’m delusional. The Raiders aren’t gonna win every game and I have their second loss coming against the Broncos.

While it pains me to say this, the Broncos have a darn good defense and one of the better young WR cores in the league. While the starting QB is up in the air at the moment and could change the result of this matchup I think the Broncos take advantage of the home field and take this one 24-18.

In Week Seven, the Eagles travel to Las Vegas. Now, I wouldn’t call myself a Jalen Hurts hater. After watching a couple of drives of him in last year’s games, I even enjoyed watching him. But at the current state of that team and him being only a second-year, I can’t see the Raiders losing this game. In fact, I expect this to be their highest-scoring game so far. Raiders blow out the Eagles 45-21.

*Week 8 bye week*

In week nine, the Raiders face off against an improved Giants team that I don’t know what to expect from. They could go 5-12 or Daniel Jones could take a leap and they could go and win the division. With that being said, I could see this game go either way, but for the sake of not being too biased, the Giants win 17-14.

Raiders record 5-3

Weeks 10-13

Week Ten is the matchup that will either solidify the Raiders as a playoff team or makes them another ESPN pin cushion for their golden boy. With so much on the line for this Raiders team, I expect them to come out with the win.

With it being Week Ten, I expect the defense to have hit their groove and the offense to be what they were last year. What it really comes down to is the execution. If not for a blown coverage last year, the Raiders could’ve swept the Chiefs for the first time in ages. The Raiders need this and with it being at home I expect the stadium to be electric. Raiders win 35-31.

Week 11 is the Bengals in Vegas. The Bengals are another team I don’t know what to expect. But, with Joe Burrow saying he doesn’t feel the same after injury and aside from Jessie Bates their defense lacks bonafide playmakers. With this also being in Vegas, I don’t see the Raiders dropping it. Raiders win 20-14.

In Week 12, the Raiders travel to Dallas to play ‘America’s Team’. The Cowboys have one of the better offenses in the league with a borderline top ten QB, a top ten RB, and a top seven WR duo. If their offensive line can stay healthy, this team will more than likely see the postseason again. Cowboys win 24-17.

In Week 13, WFT travels to Allegiant Stadium with hopes of contending for the top of their division. For this team, it all comes down to quarterback play. If Fitz can play like a top 20 QB, they will likely win their division or at least make the playoffs. With that being said, I think Washington puts the Raiders on a two-game losing streak for the first time of the season. WFT wins 24-18.

Raiders record 7-3

Weeks 14-18

In Week 14, the Raiders play the Chiefs once again, but this time it’s in December and Kansas City. Those two things mean trouble for the Raiders as it likely means snow and lots of it. While the Raiders are an efficient running team, the cold is not in their forte. Chiefs win 16-14.

In Week 15, the Raiders once again play in cold weather at Cleveland. I would expect the weather to be unpleasant, similar to last season’s matchup. That being said, the Raiders did come out on top, but the Browns were without star running back Nick Chubb.

At this point in the season, it’s about how healthy the team is and its depth. Luckily, the Raiders added depth to almost every position this offseason keeping them above water late in the season. Raiders win 17-14.

Week 16 is the second matchup against the Broncos. I would expect the Raiders to come into this one with a vengeance after dropping the first game. Raiders win 30-14.

In Week 17, the Raiders travel to Indy to play the Colts. Now at the time, this is being written the Colts are without Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson. They will more than likely be back before the end of the season Wentz has been known to have injury concerns. This would lead to either Eason or Ehlinger starting, and I like the Raiders’ chances against that. Raiders win 35-18.

Week eighteen is the final matchup against the Chargers and the last of the season. With the Raiders entering this game 10-6, they will be in the run for the playoffs and have home-field advantage. While we as fans haven’t seen what a capacity crowd at Allegiant Stadium looks like yet, I can’t believe it would be easy to win against it; especially with what is on the line. Raiders win 24-17

Finishing the season 11-6

While I could be a crazy Raiders fan I don’t believe this is farfetched. Feel free to leave comments below and let me know what you think. Also, don’t forget to use code RAIDERS15 when buying merch from our newly updated store. Until next time.

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